Hillary must DIE!

17 May


(Okay, admittedly, that’s a little bit harsh. I’ll settle for “Hillary must go away…” Satisfied?)

First, I’m a registered Republican. So, after this goes to press, I’ll have to hide around corners, and avoid my confederates like the plague, until November rolls through, like cold winds on the Siberian Tundra…

I’m following the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama very closely. You see, I figure that whichever one of these titans gets the nod, will have a pretty good chance at becoming our next President, in the race against John McCain.

I believe that John McCain just doesn’t have the integrity, the personal courage, or the honor, to be the one who represents us to the rest of the world. A look at his voting record will reveal that he’s changed directions more often than a pinball, depending on which way the “political wind” was blowing. “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” It’s a backbone issue, and frankly, I’m afraid that his has gone soft. These are troubled times, and whoever inherits the seat at The White House is gonna have need some pretty big shoes, to keep America moving in the right direction, safely.

So, who does that leave?

Presidential Race \'08

I’m just going to say what many are thinking; Hillary has become a trainwreck waiting to happen.

If you truly look at the exploits of the Clinton clan over the last few decades, you see them (both “Billy Boy” and Hillary) reveal themselves as the smiling, backstabbing, “who me?” self-aggrandizing poltroons that they are. Ever since that real estate disaster in Arkansas, the Clintons have been one step ahead of prosecutors, and slight-of-hand tactics aimed at diverting the scrutiny of the American people. It’s been a well-managed and choreographed dance, I’ll admit, but the actions of the Clintons, both then and now, confirm to me that Hillary has no place in a position of power. I could go on and on about Hillary, but suffice to say, her record defines her clearly. Her personal attacks, rants, and “3rd grade talent show” theatrics show her for the charlatan that she is.

Her double-speak, fear-mongering,  and name-calling are just getting old. I’m growing really weary of watching her “pandering” as she attempts to manipulate unsophisticated voters.

And, her “glycerin tears” came too late, those crocodile tears running down her cheek (amazingly they were televised nationally) immediately after the press started saying she wasn’t personable or vulnerable enough to identify with. It reminded me once again, of that “wag the dog” theme we’ve seen so often coming out of her camp, when things got rough.

Hillary Clinton has become “the destructive, spoiled child ranting at the top of her lungs, as they drag her out of the room.” Her comments are distractions, nothing more. And, they reveal that she isn’t now, nor was she ever, a team player. It’s always been about “poor Hillary.” Her actions display her lack of integrity, they do nothing but divide the Democratic Party and weaken it’s ability to achieve it’s goals, and showcase her ruthless disregard for her peers, or her Party. She’ll do anything to get elected.  It’s as simple as that.

(However, she did put the “busted” on one old cliche; you can, evidentally “get water out of a stone.”)

Hillary didn’t get like this overnight, folks, it’s a pattern that has followed her around for decades. For all her gyrations, these parlor tricks out of Hillary’s bag don’t demonstrate anything about her resembling “integrity, leadership, or superiority,” and they certainly don’t reveal any chinks in Obama’s armor, where his abilities to be an effective leader are concerned. They really just point out the painfully obvious, that she possesses no leadership skills or redeeming qualities, except those aimed soley at her own personal survival.

(…and possibly that she evidently didn’t spend enough time in detention, learning the error of her ways, in grade school…) Sorry, couldn’t resist… 😉

And that leaves her opponent, Barack Obama. Here’s a guy from basically nowhere, with nothing but integrity and common sense, trying to bring a new breath of fresh air to American Politics, and more importantly, the American people.

It’s hard not to admire Obama. I admire Obama for his insistence that meaningful change in American government would only come as a result of vigilant oversight of the government by American citizens. I would support a President who tells me in no uncertain terms that “the only way I’m going to have confidence in anyone in power, is to watch their every move under a microscope, so that they dont get away with anything.”  (I’m paraphrasing, here.)

I admire how sincere Obama is, and the manner in which he carries himself. He’s said over and over again that he won’t “negative” campaign, and even after barrage after barrage of innuendo, race-baiting, and ridiculous nonsense comes out of Hillary’s camp, he’s holding true to course. My personal favorite is the rumor that implies “Obama is a terrorist sympathizing Muslim, planted here in a “secret cell” waiting for his opportunity to turn America over to the enemy.”

His actions throughout the course of his lifetime demonstrate that he’s had a deep-seated desire to aid America’s poor and work for positive change, while facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

Obama knows that we need to rebuild trust in America, overseas. He realizes that we must revitalize and redeem the American economy. He is passionate when speaking about preserving the fierce intimidation of American military might by striking hard, when absolutely necessary, tactically and decisively to insure success. He knows that he’s going to have to take unpopular positions, to work for the greater good, and frankly, folks, I think he’s the guy to carry those weights on his shoulders. He has demonstrated that he is trustworthy, he possesses integrity measured in a lifetime (as opposed to “camera time,”) and his honor is intact.

I’m not saying he’s “the best thing since sliced bread,” or anything like that. There are places where he makes me downright nervous. But, it’s no wonder that he’s handing Hillary her butt now. He’s demonstrated that oldest of American adages; “He’s earned it.”

I wish I felt so strongly about John McCain. It would make this so much easier…

So, agree or disagree with me, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I make you think…

You have as much as stake in this as I do.

(And my apologies to whoever it was that originally created the “Hillary” photo. I just couldn’t resist spoofing it, and showing off my new son, in the bargain! I’ll credit you, if I can figure out who you are!)

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  1. Bytes4Bob May 18, 2008 at 2:56 pm #

    Man, talk about getting painted into a corner!

    Loved the way ya said it, but wonder where you’re going to go with it?

    It looks like you’re not afraid to speak your mind. I’ll be watching!

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