“Okay, who said it first?”

29 Jun

I’ve started blogging again, after a little bit of “holiday,” while waiting for the birth of my son. This was a time-consuming process. My wife was deathly ill while she tried to carry “the boy” to a safe delivery date. For a time, we weren’t sure which one of them would survive. My attention was elsewhere.

During that time, the hardship my family suffered reminded me that it’s important to leave something behind in case something happens. Life is so fleeting…  I have lot’s of things I want to share with my family, and so little time…

So, I figured out what “filing cabinet” I wanted to be included in, and I chose “Wordpress.” I did so for several reasons, but the most important one, was because of the diversity of the “bloggers.”

I committed a few words to page, and figured that their value would be measured by the masses. At first it was like “crawling through broken glass,” but after a while, it gets easier. Where else can “the common man” share his views with the planet, without being Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett?  And so, like some kind of demented chronicle, I decided that I could document the path I’ve chosen to trod, to friends, family, and even a few passers-by.

Hell, we can all use a good laugh, huh?

I’m admittedly a bit eccentric. I suppose it’s because of all those falls I took as a small child, while testing my boundaries. For whatever reason, I say what I think, and stand by what I say.

I really don’t go out of my way to harm, or hurt somebody else, even if you’re a slow-moving target. It‘s “The Code of Bushido,” don’t ya know…

But, I’d forgotten that in any “school of fish,” there are a few that want to stand out, mostly by flailing their arms (or fins) and screaming “look at me… look at me… dammit!!”

(I love the satire in it, but let’s face it… it just lowers your position on the survival scale… Act out long enough in front of the herd, and a predator will eventually see you, and then… you become lunch!!)

I recently had one of these encounters, and surprisingly, it came after I wrote a eulogy to George Carlin’s untimely passing, and the “automatic generator” built into WordPress linked me to another page.

I’m actually surprised that this thread was the one that drew the ire, as some of my other writings are (even in my view) far more inflammatory.

That page documented a literary piece called “A Paradox of History.” In it, the commentator innocently stated that she found “the words so very eloquent… and so very appropriate” so she proffered it to the public, for inspiration/satire/mirth or whatever sentiment you garnered from it. It had been referred to her, and the referrer attributed it to George Carlin.

I responded to it, mostly sappy “I’ll miss you, you bastard” stuff… I love George, and the world’s gonna be much quieter without his voice, and his insight. On my page view, I was the first “response.”

After thinking about the piece I’d commented on, I took a look at the George Carlin site, and found out that “The Paradox…” wasn’t a Carlin piece at all. They attribute it to Dr. Bob Moorehead. Further looks found other credible sources that claimed likewise.

So, more for “awareness” than “the striving for literary accuracy,” I posted another comment on the “Paradox” site, to disclose what I’d found out. I figured that if you liked the piece, you might want to investigate further and read some more stuff that Dr. Moorehead wrote. Hey, stranger things have happened…

Imagine my chagrin when I get blasted by somebody out in the ether, who claims I ‘dissed them. I’m obviously clairvoyant, because when I posted my follow-up comment, there wasn’t any other “land to conquer.”

All this time people claimed I’m an “orifice,” and I’m actually an “Oracle!” Who knew?

So, here’s the moral of the story, for those of you trying to keep track;

It’s all in the moderation.

Several people besides you, are responding to things they read, and sometimes it happens (gasp!) simultaneously. Some of those comments may share the same view, or the same basic tangent.  And while they’re recording their comment for posterity, they have no idea what already lurks in the “moderation box…”

You may be the first, and you may be the last, but it’s up to the moderator to decide where (and even IF) you’ll fall, on the “comment hit-parade.” After all, it’s the owner’s right, to determine what color the house gets painted. Period.

If you don’t like the curb-view, well… keep moving down the street, and find another neighborhood more to your liking.

But standing in the front yard hollering (and name-calling) like a child doesn’t do anything but make you look… well… like a spoiled child.

I really enjoy watching my new son do it, but frankly, if you’re a “grown-up,” you should probably act like one, if you want to be taken seriously.

And one more thing… It’s the Internet, for heaven’s sake. There are just as many wacko’s as wonders, out here. Try to keep an open mind, and just enjoy the ride.

As for the rest of you… well, moderators keep a list of “undesirables” for just this reason. Mine is apparently getting longer… (sigh…)

And, if I decide to ‘diss you, you’ll know. I’ll make it loud and clear. I live by the words;

“To speak out, first you must stand up.”

And I’ll be hard to miss, at 6’1″ and about 250 pounds.

I ain’t skeered. I have all these knife and gunshot wounds for a reason. I’m “well-seasoned.”