Dancing with snakes is for Baptists!

3 Jul

Last time, we took a hard look at the road John McCain will have to trod, on his trek to the White House.

(This time, let’s look further into the “magic 8-ball,” and shed some light on a running mate for Barack Obama.)

The first name that comes to mind, and probably the first name on a lot of people’s “A” Lists, is Hillary Clinton;

(Man, oh man, I hate even “typing” that name… My computer is probably gonna get a virus!)

Okay, I talked about Hillary a few weeks back, before it became clear that there was no way in hell that she’d be able to pull off the Democratic nomination for President.

I voiced some concerns then, and I’ll add a few now, since Barack now has to figure out who to add to his dance card, so that he can go out and campaign for “Universal King of the Prom.”

Hillary is a snake. There, I’ve said it.

She’s not a “powerful woman seeking to aid the country by leading ,” she’s a power-hungry person who would sell her own soul, or even her daughter (apparently) to become President of the United States. And all snakes get hungry, and demonstrate their “true” nature, sooner or later.

Let’s face it, all the Clinton’s care about is their own fame and fortune. They’ve been riding that bus since Arkansas, and I don’t see them getting off, any time soon.  I’m not going to go on a rant about Bill, because he’s not the topic here, no matter how many times he sticks his big nose into the cameras, to speak on behalf of his wife.

But, Hillary is a real piece of work. This is a woman so drunk for power that she would literally shotgun her own party, to push herself into the Oval Office. In fact, if you consider how many enemies she made on the campaign trail, it’s obvious that she did exactly that.

If you watch CNN, or any other news program on the planet, there is one thing I’m here to guarantee you of;

You’re gonna get a nightly dose of Hillary’s forced smiles, her crocodile tears, her “holier than thou” attitude, and a belly full of her fake promises that she never intends to keep. Have you really looked at her voting record?

Why should the White House be any different than her NY Senate seat? (A seat that I’ll remind you she had to “carpetbag” to get, by schlepping from Little Rock to NYC.)

If you look at her objectively, you have to admit that she’s “driven.”

Somebody I really admire said recently that she reminded him of an “even further deranged Leona Helmsley.” After all, Hillary isn’t exactly trying to disguise her “infamous” nature, as a back-stabbing, mean-spirited, vindictive  brat (I was gonna use another word, but my son is watching me type).

Beyond that, you can’t ignore the fact that the Clinton’s have a dark cloud following them around. Do you remember the Arkansas real estate deals, turning a grand into $100 grand in cattle futures in less than a year, appointing her cronies (the Thomasons) to replace the entire White House travel staff, the discovery of hundreds of FBI files on prominent Republics in the White House, and a lot more…

And, she holds a few “first lady” records, to boot;

She’s the first “First Lady” to ever be subpoenaed (the Whitewater Scandal);

And she’s the first “First Lady” ever actually caught stealing furniture, art, and other historic treasures from the White House, on the way out the door…

(Only when the evidence surfaced, and the story broke, did she return anything she took.)

But the thing that scares me most is when she stated in public that;

“She will be ready on day one to assume the presidency…”

If you were Obama, what would you think that meant? Hmmm? This is, after all, a woman surrounded by conspiracy.

My warning bells would be going off like the “core-breach klaxons on the Starship Enterprise.”

She’s no more experienced than Obama to lead, anyway. Oh sure, she’s actually lived at the White House (and she evidently knew where all the “good” stuff was stashed), but her leadership has only come from a seat she won twice, in a state she had to crawl to, to gain entry into the senate. And, she’s demonstrated that she’s neither trustworthy (Look out! There’s a sniper!), or believable. Her moral backbone is as twisted as a Bonsai tree.

She hasn’t done anything that proves to me that she has what it takes to be the “Leader of the Free World” (or even “a” leader).

Not now, not today, probably not ever.

And if you dance with snakes, sooner or later, you’re gonna need anti-toxin. And a band-aid.