My family needs a home, badly. How about yours? [This is NOT an AD]

7 Jul

Everywhere you look, people are quaking in their Nikes, at the news of the impending housing crisis. It doesn’t matter if it’s L.A., Houston, or New Jersey. You can’t watch CNN for more than five minutes without being reminded that half the homes in America are in foreclosure, and real estate prices are plummeting deeper than the Mariana Trench…

Between that, and gas prices that are rising faster than the next NASA Shuttle launch, I’m not sure what’s in store for most of America, in the next decade.

Where I live, in Coastal Mississippi, finding decent and affordable housing is just about impossible. Buyers are afraid to move up to that new home, because the housing slump hasn’t slowed in it’s race for the bottom, yet. Sellers are holding their breath, because in order to sell their house, they have to just about give it away, to get it to move.

If I was a realtor, I’d be pretty nervous, right about now. And it’s not looking like it’s going to get any better, any time soon.

The only people making any money apparently are apartment and rental owners, who, because of hurricanes and the recent housing crisis, can just about name their own prices, when setting rent levels.

And some of those apartments are pretty grim. I know, because I’m living in one, with my wife and new baby.

I’ve lived in third world countries, in better accommodations than where my family lives, at present.

The landlord couldn’t care less about maintenance or repair. This includes things like A/C units (it‘s in the 90’s everyday, and no A/C), Heaters (it stayed below 40 for weeks on end, and my baby nearly froze), Refrigerators that fail – spoiling our food, Stoves that don’t cook, broken windows with missing glass, ill-fitting doors that allow rodents and insects in, and sewage that backs up into the apartment every three weeks or so, to rot thru the wall, and fill up the bathtub.

But it’s a “good old boy” network, and the local authorities just turn a blind eye, as “they’re so overwhelmed trying to catch up with hurricane related issues” that my family’s safety and well-being is not important. Hey, I’m just one vote and after all, it’s a small (12 unit) complex, right?

(I could move. If there wasn’t an apartment shortage, and I could find the deposits and first and last, all over again. And yes, I know I could sue, but since my lease has expired, the landlord could just terminate my tenancy, and I’d be out on the street with my sick wife and little baby, trying to find justice.)

Complaints are met with;  “If you don’t like it, move out. I have  a list of prospects.”

So, we need to find affordable housing, and fast, despite the odds…

Next time, I’ll discuss what we’re going to try to do to fix this problem, once and for all…


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