When “Garbage Homes” and Politicians “mix…”

18 Jul

It’s a recipe for utter confusion…

“Now, ‘lemme get this straight. First you tell us that you’re gonna build a house out of an old aircraft hangar. And now you’re telling us that you’re going to add some old shipping containers to the construction pile. ‘Jes what the hell ARE you building? It sounds like a junkyard, to me…”

Picture Ronin shaking his head sadly…

My trip to Jackson, MS on Thursday went like I expected it to. Mississippi is hopelessly stuck in the 20th century. The EARLY 20th century. Try as I might, the politicians in this part of the country wouldn’t recognize a new “solution” if it jumped up and bit them on the butt.

My goal here was to demonstrate that homes can come from “strange and mysterious places,” affordable places “those who are supposed to know” have simply overlooked, in their search for “profits.” Because, my friends, building a home my way just isn’t profitable. The costs are relatively low, in comparison with “new” construction, the profit margins slim, and the people who build them are either zealots, or desperate.

Me? I’m a “desperate zealot.”

When I started out on this path, it wasn’t in pursuit of proving “green tech” worked.

I wasn’t trying to be “fashionable.”

It wasn’t because I wanted to claim riches and fame as the “Salvation of the South.”

I simply wanted a safe place for my family to live, while we get through the rest of the “Hurricane Katrina” residue. My wife and child are about to be “homeless.” And, that’s ALL I care about. They are the world to me.

When Insurance companies drag you out, and the place you’re currently living is deemed “unsafe” for your family to dwell in, you start thinking out of the box. And that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve built homes like this before. I have a history of taking “out of the ordinary” materials, and combining them to provide shelter for the “natives.” Now, I’ll admit that I didn’t accomplish this all by “my onesies,” but…

We’ve achieved this in some “out of the way” places. Places like Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and even… (gasp!) the Pacific Northwest.

The Europeans build college dormitories, and even “cities” out of them. There’s one located as a ‘burb of London, for cryin’ out loud.

The Chinese have been building communities out of them for years. Years. And they’re “steel strong.” They survive earthquakes, monsoons, and anything else “Mama Nature”can throw at them.

But I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. As soon as the “lackeys” heard the word “Chinese,” they started muttering “Communists! Ssssss!” and it was over before it started. LOL!

Okay, so I start to do my “Don’t worry, be Happy…” dance in front of the poltroons…

“This is simply a reuse of a technology that we’ve seen for years. Containers are structurally tough, built to stack and interlock, almost totally weatherproof by design, and easy to set up and convert… They provide immediate shelter, and they’re affordable. They’re laying around by the thousands, folks, and they can be bought for a song…”

Unfortunately, the song the politicians heard in their heads was “No way, Jose…” If you aren’t doin’ it like Grandpappy did, it ain’t happening.

I showed them floorplans, schematics, and renderings. The house looks like a “regular house.” It lays out like a regular house.

One of the biggest objections was the staircase;

“That there is a lot of stairs! Who’d want to live in that?”

I suppose anybody that didn’t sit behind a Gov’t desk, growing enough ass to feed a third world country, while they whittle away the hours taking three-martini lunches and doing dinners with lobbyists, instead of being “real live” public servants serving public interests…

For the record; It’s a five story staircase, going from the ground level, to the greenhouse rooftop. It’s “U-Shaped” and glass enclosed. It’s a “light chimney,” a duct connector to all floors, and an “architectural feature.” It’s actually one of the “systems” built within the house.

But, it’s a long climb for “politicians with baggage over their belts, I suppose…”

While they were debating whether or not I was a “hippy,” or a “Communist,” they tried to sound like the “Vanguards of the Southern Way,” by tearing the design apart, room by room.

It’s called “Political Misdirection.” Use up the allotted time babbling (while trying to look “Important” for the cameras that are always rolling) debating a non-issue, so that you don’t have to deal with the “hard stuff.”

While I reminded them (six times, for the record) that the issue was the hangar trusses I was trying to deal with, they kept coming back to the “Would your family, or ANY family actually live in that house?” issue.

THAT is a county planning and zoning issue, not a “Mississippi Politician” issue, by the way…

So, fellow campers, here’s where we are;

The “Committee” decided not to decide. “They need time to access the situation, and determine the ramifications of a decision.” I’ll be notified in writing, of their decision, in “an expedient manner.”

(This translates to; “We’re not going out on a limb. We’re not gonna do anything different. We’re not gonna try and find solutions to problems, that cut us out of the profits. We’re not gonna make any “Big Money” lobbyists mad. After all, it’s an election year.”)

Now, not all the people on the council railed at the thought of “affordable housing from reclaimed steel, built on a budget.” I do have some allies. They saw the potential, and the ability to house people, quickly, efficiently, and in a very “public way.” They recognized that this idea could get them in front of cameras, and that means votes. After all, like I said, it’s an election year…

But, it’s gonna take a little more time to start the murmuring and rumor, that will lead to success.

And a little “persuasion…” You’d be amazed at what a well-placed media camera will do…

My rebuttal move is simple. “Divide and Conquer.” I make it an “Us or Them” issue. I already have the letters and digital footage scripted. I’ve already been contacted by more than one national media company wanting to do a story on the house.

All you hear about on the News today is; “Green this, and Green that.” And; “America has to start using new roads, to carry us into the future. Green is the way!

Imagine how foolish and short-sighted these idiots will look, when it’s discovered (nationally) that they actually stood in the way of an “affordable (and weather resistant) housing solution that would put thousands of families back in homes, and paying property taxes…” because they were “afraid” of the embrace of a new vision. They were afraid to take a position.

There’s a word for that. It’s “COWARDICE.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to vote for a candidate (from either party) who would be willing to put the good of the State and it’s citizens ahead of their own party’s political agenda and social views.

And I would be happy to vote for a strong and courageous candidate who would provide safety and security for our Mississippi families, cities, and communities.

And, I would also be happy to support a candidate who shows intelligence, thoughtfulness, and is willing to work with citizens to find solutions to one of the State’s most pressing problems. “I don’t know… like maybe SHELTER?”

(Especially after that idiot Governor of ours just gave away $600 million dollars earmarked locally for “affordable housing” to the Port of Gulfport, to rebuild the marina and casino pads… Not one citizen will be housed by that money. Not one family will be returned to a safe place to live. Who profits in that? WHO?)

But that’s just my opinion… and I’m just “one” vote.

“Father wages war against Mississippi, after Katrina. Film at Eleven…”

Stay tuned…