Paris Hilton hates my house…

20 Jul

I have a buddy in Southern California, who works for a well-known architectural team.

I’ve been running my progress and “processes” past him, picking his brain, looking for anything I might have missed, while I try to power my housing project past the local politicians. So, he’s my “unofficial advisor.” Hey, he’s got all the right “alphabet soup” after his name, and he’s with a big LA architectural firm. I’ll use every  weapon I can bring to bear, to get my family back into a home.

Wouldn’t you?

And, his daddy used to be a rock star. When I was younger, and I still had hair, I used to play guitar with his daddy. (Growing up in LA had it’s advantages, way back then…)

Of course, I did it in the recording studio, because that’s how I worked my way through school for a while… Man, I miss the Seventies…

I’m not gonna name any names, but when his daddy shows up at Guitar Center, people line up to get his autograph and a photo op.

So, my buddy moves in the “in crowd.” You know the one, the one where idiots with cameras follow your every move, and try to get photographs of you peeing in public… LOL!

Well, he was out on recently, just generally looking for trouble, and ended up in one of those trendy clubs that LA is so famous for. It was one of those places where you actually stand in line to get in, while a pair of big steroidal monsters guard the door, like all of Fort Knox’s gold was housed on the other side…

Now, my friend doesn’t “cue up” like the rest of us, he just sails right in, like he owns the joint. And he gets to sit in the VIP area, where the “big stars” get pampered and treated like little demi-gods…

Now, eventually, after the alcohol fueled jabbering gets past “what Britney’s almost wearing!” somebody asks him what he’s working on, and because he’s a big Al Gore fan (it’s not my fault! He won’t listen to me!) he starts talking about building “green buildings.” This causes quite a commotion, because “green” is in.

So the conversation comes around to “how the little guy benefits by all this green tech,” and he starts talking about “recycled residences.” And, like the knucklehead he is, he starts talking about my family’s project, building a home in Katrina-land, out of Shipping Containers and old aircraft hangars.

And Paris HIlton chimes in;

“Somebody wants to live in a shipping container? How common! Why didn’t they just get a big refrigerator box?”

So, it’s official, Paris Hilton hates my house. I must be doing something right…



2 Responses to “Paris Hilton hates my house…”

  1. Ashish July 21, 2008 at 6:39 am #

    If I had any doubts, they just vanished. 😛

    When I was younger, and I still had hair
    So did the hair go the way of the dinosaurs? 😛

    Btw, I wanted to ask, what is your header image? Some sort of poster or something?

  2. renaissanceronin July 21, 2008 at 8:33 am #

    @ Ashish: Years ago, I spent a summer in New Delhi experimenting with “exotic curries…” and while I was there my hair fell out… LOL!

    Actually, I shaved my head for so long, that I never realized it wasn’t “growing back…” All those years in “hostile climes…”

    I suppose I could buy a set of those nappy Paris Hilton Hair Extensions… wouldn’t that be special? Hmmm…

    My header image is the reflection of “War and Carnage” in a pair of combat goggles…

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