Knock – Knock! Who’s there? Gustav, Dang it!

1 Sep

Hurricane Gustav has made her mark…

Gustav made landfall at hit on the shore near Cocodrie, Louisiana, southwest of New Orleans, sparing the “Big O” a potentially lethal direct hit. He arrived, fashionably late (at 10am local time), his eye set on taking out a few shrimp boats and oil tenders.

Here in coastal Mississippi, we’re getting heavy rain, and winds that howl, but not nearly as loudly as the wailing we experienced during Hurricane Katrina, three years ago.

Before it reached the coast, it was weakened to a category two hurricane, a storm with winds of 95-110 mph, which can generate a storm surge of around 5 to 8 feet.

We’ve got cars floating down the street, and some debris being blown around, but luckily, it doesn’t look like any “hard structures” are getting torn up, yet.

I suspect that it’s the result of all the new construction, and the heavy use of “hurricane straps” on building components. And the neighborhood I’m living in is not exactly “aging gracefully,” so if there is going to be any real extensive damage, I suspect it will be here. So far, so good.

I haven’t heard of any fatalities yet, or even any injuries. I suspect that it’s because most people headed for the hills, and everyone is on their toes.

They’re telling us that we’ll be experiencing Gustav’s wrath for several hours, as he’s slowed down a bit. It’s the sustained winds that kill, the storm sends wave after wave of “ill winds” at us, and we get battered over and over again. That’s what causes the failures. But, so far, the winds are just making noise, and pushing garbage, and the “errant” car around.

And here’s what I’m listening to, now;

Floodwaters have been lapping over the top of New Orleans levees, but there are no reported breaches. That’s good news!

The power is fluctuating pretty hard, around here. So, that’s all for now.

More later…

Stay tuned!