We’re “Containing Hotel Guests!”

11 Sep

Okay class…

Today is September 11th, 2008. And today, we remember all those people who died on 911, as we watch the day play itself out. I remember the sadness, and the horror. I remember the heroes, and the heartaches. And, I remember the way the victims got lost in all the sensationalism that the media brought to the “event.” So, I’m not gonna pander to any of that. I’m just gonna say this:

“I remember. I promise not to forget. And, I hope that those who fell, found their peace, and found their freedom, from a world seemingly filled with madmen and lunacy.” Amen.

Welcome to “I’m not crazy:101!”

Well, okay, maybe I am crazy, but I’m not as crazy as I thought.

After months of exploration, and hundreds of hours of research, my family’s home, to be built out of shipping containers, is starting to take “shape.” Of course, it’s shaped like a box (okay, 2 boxes), but it started out that way, so I’m really not surprised.

I’ve always been a fan of “minimal architecture,” so the “industrial” look we’re achieving with the house is quite pleasant. And, I suspect it’s what some people envision when they think about houses made out of steel. The way I see it, I’m not out to hide the origins of the house, by making it look like the neighbors “Victorian” or “Shotgun” shack.

I’d toyed with the idea of cladding the house, to further disguise it, but I’ve decided against it. We may add some “decorative panels” to the exterior to break things up a little bit, but that’s about it. I’m gonna keep things as low-maintenance as possible.

I live in Coastal Mississippi, and lately, we’ve been hit with storm after storm, In the last month, we’ve experienced hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes. And Hurricane Ike is barreling towards us, as you read this (provided you’re reading this the week of September 11th, 2008).

And I’ve watched “antsy” neighbors board up, and take down batters and plywood almost non-stop, for weeks. But with a “Container House,” I won’t have to. I’ll just close the storm shutters on the windows, and roll the “barn doors” closed, and voila! Instant “Storm Prep!”

But what other uses are there for these steel modules, when building structure? We’ve seen the “Sci-Fi” versions drawn by architects and “people of vision.” But most of them will never get built. They’re just “pencil exercises.” I’ve seen stuff right out of “Buck Rogers,” and even “Star Trek.” But, it costs money to experiment, and architects rarely do anything for free, just to prove a point.

(I’m not “slamming” architects. They’re in business to make money, that’s all. Those student loans don’t repay themselves, you know!)

I started thinking lately about how containers could actually be used, to provide housing or accommodation, in the “real” world. And I came across this…

Once again, those “Green Geniuses” at Travelodge have brought you  (da-da-da-daaaaa!) “technology in a box!”

The people who brought you the “mobile motel room” have now leaped ahead of the rest!!!

Take a look at this! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — this really is a hotel constructed from shipping containers! Ain’t it cool?

It’s built in on the outskirts of London (in just 20 days, mind you!), the fine folks at Travelodge budget hotel can claim that it’s Europe’s first ever made from containers like these. And, the hotel went together like “a giant Lego set.”

It’s a labor saver, too! It’s 25 per cent faster to erect a “container building” than a conventional building! Why? Because it “locks itself together,” of course! This new Travelodge’s speed is likely to result in a less energy intensive build too. Because “less labor” means “less power,” right?

So, it probably won’t get blown up in some tragic “Greenpeace” demonstration!

The hotel chain notes that, if necessary, the containers could be melted down and recycled.

And, I suspect they’ll even evacuate them first. Probably! LOL!

And, you’ll have something to hold over that idiot down the street who won’t shut up about his “precious Prius…”

There’s certainly a novelty factor to sleeping in a steel shipping container, though Travelodge says guests won’t notice the difference. Interiors are reportedly identical to the chain’s other hotels. So, you’ll sleep “green,” without any extra suffering! LOL!

The Uxbridge hotel has 120 rooms, and the double rooms measure a small but hardly claustrophobic 16’5″x 9’10’ (approximately). Now, that’s plenty big for a hotel room. Unless you’re Britney Spears,or Paris Hilton.

And then, I bet they can find you an adjoining suite to connect, so your unruly friends and paparazzi can party in style…

The high strength steel containers that make up the building’s fabric were built and equipped in China before being shipped to the UK. Now, I’m not crazy about the “China” connection, but…

This may be the first shipping container hotel in Europe, but it won’t be last. Travelodge is also building a 307 room version at Heathrow.

Those who visit the Hotel will not notice any difference, and if you did not tell them, then they would never know that this was build from shipping containers.

Ronin says that’s a smart way to save energy and time!

Now, I’m gonna save some time and energy, too! It’s nap-time!

Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “We’re “Containing Hotel Guests!””

  1. hoh September 12, 2008 at 12:04 am #

    love yr sense of humour and writing style!
    found yr blog on the new WP announcment – on screen thingies = no idea what they are not to motivated to find out today!
    pls make sure yr container home is above sea level by at least 100metres!
    those darn surges and sunamies
    hope all are OK from the latest weather onslaught
    heard yesterday bbc – that as the north pole ice cap melt less light is reflected back into space so the sea being dark warms up more and the ice melts more also causing the weather to get more violent
    you don’t want a metal container there to live in – unless it’s water proof and and has a thingy under it to stop it toppling over
    and now that the ice melting enough to have a clear passage through from canada to russia guess what?
    they are now squabbling to whom it beongs to
    and judging by the russians new modus opeandi they will just take it
    how’s planting their flag under the north pole for bleep sake?!
    love the russians it’s their leaders that have lost the plot
    do what you will with the above! edit or not post the above
    cheers brilliant blogger
    i now feel depressed
    better read some more of yr blog

  2. renaissanceronin September 12, 2008 at 7:21 am #

    Hi hoh,

    First, there’s no place in Coastal Mississippi (or even on the Gulf Coast, that I’m aware of) that’s above 100 meters (328 feet and change), around here! Not for MILES! LOL!

    Second, Hurricane Ike is now due south of us, getting ready to eat Houston Texas, it looks like. We’ll get a ton of rain, and some storm surge, but we should be fine.

    Our house will sit above the “storm surge level,” and it’ll be plenty water-resistant, so I think we’ll be okay in most heavy storms. And anchoring it to the ground, is a job for the caissons, and the foundation! We’ve got it all under control (he said! LOL!).

    As for the Russians, time will tell. Putin and his cronies are gonna be a pain, of that, I’m sure. It’s gonna be the “cold war” all over again. Oy!

    Sorry you’re depressed, but thanks for the comments!


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