I’m baaaack! Kinda. Sorta, Well, maybe!

17 Sep

After days without power due to winds from Hurricane Ike, the area I live in is starting to come back to life.

Although Hurricane Ike missed us, we received the winds on the east side of the storm that usually bring damage. And… guess what? They did. During Ike, we were glued to TV sets, watching Galveston get it’s ass handed to it. I’m still amazed that a Category Two storm did so much damage. That’s what happens when you live at sea level, folks. You get the sun and the surf, but you also get smashed!

Loe and behold, a day after the “big event,” the lights went out here. The power company attributes it to “salt on the lines.” Huh? I suspect they made that one up, but I heard the transformers popping like gunfire, and then… everything went black.

Anyway, I have a computer that needs attention, because apparently, the surge protector I installed didn’t do the job, and I now have a Vista box that isn’t working quite right. It appears that both my processors are trying simultaneously to commit sepuku, and they’re getting in each others way.

The next step for me is to do a “System Restore” and see if that helps. If not… well, it isn’t gonna be pretty.

So, sports fans, the blog and the calamity that is this “container construction” will continue, in a day or two.

When next we meet, I’ll be dazzling you with “new plans for the old cans” and even a word or two from some old fans…

See ya soon!


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  1. cantorballard September 17, 2008 at 7:53 pm #

    WHEW! I just sent you an email – have been worried about you and the family for 2 weeks. Glad to know you are doing ok, all things considering. Good luck with the computer – PM when u have a chance,

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