County Commission Rejects “Alternative Housing” Plans!!!

14 Nov

I can just hear it now…

“Some mental case wants to build a house out of old shipping containers! Sure, he says that it’ll go up pretty fast, but the crane will make a sh*t-load of noise, and the house probably isn’t even real healthy for the environment, or our resale values!

He claims that he’s doing “the green thing.” But folks, this dang-blasted eco-friendliness nonsense doesn’t always come first! This guy’s got his eyes on the “December Dumbass Prize,” which obviously, this “Ronin” guy wins for… hmmm… maybe even the entire year!

I also nominate him for the “just because you can… doesn’t mean you should… dumbass!” award.

(Which I won last week for having “desperation sex” with my ugly wife. I still can’t get the image of that vast ocean of pale, undulating flesh out of my brain. It’s like I stared at the for sun too long but far, far worse. I still have double vision over that one…“)

Who knew that big floppy boobs were so “reflective?” Man, his wife is gonna kill him! What a potty-mouth! Hmmm?”

I know, you’re asking… Why the uproar?

Well, it’s “County Commission time” again, folks. And that means that I have to submit my genius to scrutiny… um… er… building proposals to the “Screening Committee” in advance, to get “Speaking Time.”

So, I decided to have some fun, and give them an idea of what Ronin might build, if I can get enough containers stockpiled…


I got this idea from that CellPhone Commercial… You know the one…

And I got the idea for this one from living in a loft studio in Soho for a while…


Hey, I just wanna see the hurricanes coming! Is that too much to ask? Huh? Well, is it?


Okay, I admit, this one is “folly.” It’s just in case I ever make any friends. I know, “remote possibility.” Man, you guys are really mean. Did anyone ever tell you that? Hmmm? LOL!


Okay, this one is a definite possibility. It’s just in case I need to see the hurricanes AND the authorities coming, at the same time. You can never be too careful, you know…

Who says architecture can’t look like art? After all, “curb-view is everything,” eh?

I know, I know… I’m a real stinker… Hey, I get bored! And I don’t care what you say, poking the Rednecks with sticks is FUUUUN!

(BTW: These “photoshop projects” aren’t mine. I found them floating around the ‘net. But, they are great, aren’t they?)

FYI: This is a repost, due to the horrible headline I titled it with, on Friday the 14th. I knew this was a good post, and it performed miserably, so it MUST be the handicap of a terrible title. Consider the problem remedied.

Stay Tuned…

The Renaissance Ronin