Holidays are for sleeping? Not if you’re building an ISBU Home!

28 Nov

Well, I’m in the middle of “revising blueprints” once again, as we get closer to actually building a home out of shipping containers and old aircraft hangar parts!

Bureaucracy is a burden I don’t bear lightly, lemme’ tell you. We get all our ducks in a row, and some self-serving politician throws a brick in the pond, and we have to start over again. This is the third time, so far.

We’re going away from the “Two Wing” house concept. The powers that be have decided that they’re going to limit the actual square footage of homes built on the grant properties. This square footage will exclude the “ground floor” because code says it can’t be “habitable space” due to floodplain concerns.

And, that means it’s back to the drawing board. Now, I could probably just go ahead and build the “Main Section Module” and then do a “Phase Two Remodel” after we get appraised, but it’s not worth the waiting time, or the hassles.

So, we’re going to a new plan, one heavily influenced by a modular I saw over at I’ve talked about these guys before. They aren’t “talkers,” they’re “do-ers.” One look at their projects makes you realize that they are systematic, they think things through, and they are a quality act. Plus, they actually traded beer for construction materials. That makes them both ingenious and housing gawds, in my book! LOL!

I haven’t shown the designs to them yet, but I’m looking forward to their response.

Hopefully, it won’t be by lawyers! I’ve taken their design, and twisted it to do what I need it to do, by moving stuff around.

But, I have to admit that the “core” design is “theirs,” and not “mine.”

I’ll be curious to see if they are interested in my twist, or enraged to the point of litigation. I hope it’s favorable, I’m really a big fan of theirs. If I had money to throw at a modular house, they’d be the guys I’d have doing it, to be sure!

Over the next few days, I’ll post the floor plans, so you can see what we’re thinking about doing, now that the rules have changed. And, I have to admit that it’s a smaller, tighter house, that is pretty classy, in it’s own right. The tribe over at have really given me something to think about.

For those of you who are interested, “Turkey Day” went without a hitch (We had Spinach Lasagna and did about 10 loads of laundry, for the nosy among you) and today, we’re just laying around the house, watching the sun shine.

So… we got through another holiday week, and we’re one week closer to having a home of our own, complete with belligerent neighbors! But hey, it’s “Black Friday!” I wonder what the weekend will bring?

Speaking of belligerent neighbors, the jerk next door got home yesterday, and literally pitched a fit in his front yard, because some cop had the audacity to give him a ticket for speeding. Now, this is the same guy who does roostertails down our dirt and gravel access road, parks like he owns the planet, and sits in front of his house honking his horn repeatedly to get the attention of his roommate (he’s gone through three roommates in five months, now), so he doesn’t have to actually get out of the car and walk the four steps to his apartment…

He was telling anybody who would listen (at the top of his lungs) about how he wanted to get out of the car, and “teach the cop a lesson.” The reality I suspect, is that he didn’t get out of the car, because he didn’t want the cop to know he’d already peed himself.

Besides that, the cop would have just tazed him, and hauled his ass off to jail.

And once again, I had to go outside and threaten to beat him senseless, if he didn’t stop screaming. My son has a hard enough time sleeping around here, without all the “stupidity shouting…”  Not to mention the fact that my wife needs her rest, as she tries to recover. He just glared at me, and went back into his apartment.

After I recounted my day to a pal last night, I saw this, in my email, this morning. I guess there’s more than one way to let a cop know that you’re mad at him, huh?

Now, Ronin doesn’t advise you try this at home.

This stunt was performed by a professional idiot, and under controlled conditions. As in, he should have been controlled by using handcuffs, and being bounced off the door pillar a few times before being thrown into the back seat of the squad car.

Stay Tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin