Alternative Homes confuse Santa Claus…?

18 Dec


My wife and I run a makeshift foodbank out of our pantry. Due to the circumstances, we know what it’s like to be hungry, and frankly, it’s not fun. We can’t do as much as we’d like to, but food is one thing we always have in abundance, because Dad is a careful shopper (I even [gasp!] clip coupons!), a  packrat who stores stuff away for winter.

I suspect that we have enough canned goods stockpiled to build a “rammed can” house with! LOL!

And the apartment complex next to us, is literally filled with families struggling just as hard as we are. Many of these families know that we’re trying to use the grant system to build a low-cost house.

We’ve become “the local house nuts.” As a result, we have some pretty “spirited” conversations.

Some of the neighbor kids are concerned that if I build a home out of shipping containers, Santa won’t be able to find my house…

It seems the impression that ISBU homes look like industrial scrapyards, starts early, huh? I tried explaining that Shipping Container houses end up looking like any other house on the block, but it’s just not connecting…

So, in order to confuse them further (because explaining it to them would be too easy) I showed them these pictures, of a home built from grain silos.

As you can probably imagine, it was built by a “Hollywood type” who wanted a home away from home, on the cheap.

Now, this one HAS to confuse Santa…

The house seems to have all the right stuff. In fact, it looks like it’d be a pretty cozy place to come home to.

The layout seems open, spacious, and comfortable.

1151238298_05-plan-level12086430734_06-plan-level2664431938_07-plan-level3Ain’t it cool? Even the kids liked it. They said it looked like a big “playhouse.”


Now, taking this a step further, we are surrounded by farms. I wonder if you could find a silo that was standing, and recycle it? It’s steel, so dismantling it wouldn’t be a problem, right? (He said.) You could buy one “on the cheap,” move it to a new foundation, and then… live in it! That would make my neighbors crazy! (I live  for that!) LOL!

Hey, I could even incorporate Shipping Containers into it, like spokes sticking out of a hub! Think of the “coolness!”

If I built one of these, the neighbors would think I was building a “missile silo” for sure! Hmmm… I wonder what grain silos actually cost?

Stay Tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin