Success means making good decisions! Here’s How:

1 Feb

I’m hard at work, writing posts about “Ronin’s 10 Rules of Homebuilding.”

And, it’s heady stuff, stuff that makes you think, and hopefully, stuff that will help people build homes that “live with them and not against them.”

Building an “Alternative Home,” can be complicated. After all, you’re using materials, processes and techniques (be it Rammed Earth, Concrete Dome, Shipping Container, or whatever else you can imagine) that aren’t considered “normal,” you’re incorporating Green Design (like daylighting, mass walls, and recycled materials), Alternative Power Sources (i.e. Solar, Wind,  Geothermal, and sometimes even Hydro!) and dealing with people who have been doing it “the same old way, for the last 50 years.”

A guy I read, Ned Pelger (not often enough), recently reminded me of something so profound, that I thought it bears repeating.

Some of us are hard at work, trying to rebuild our lives and our families, by rebuilding our homes, out of anything that we can find. Let’s face it, the economy sucks, it isn’t getting any better, and the “restoration” of the national health we’re all eagerly waiting for, is a long ways off.

Obama definitely has his hands full. He’s inherited a landslide that makes Sisyphus (the father of Odysseus) task (the Greeks said that in the underworld Sisyphus was compelled to roll a big stone up a steep hill; but before it reached the top of the hill the stone always rolled down, and Sisyphus had to begin all over again)…  look like a cakewalk.

Whether you’re facing a rebuild, or a remodel, it can get daunting. During the course of any given day, you can be faced with many very important decisions. How do you do it? Well…

Ned reminded me that;

“As we try to make good decisions on complex job site problems, we should consider the Colin Powell method. He asked subordinates three things:

1. Tell me what you know.
2. Tell me what you don’t know.
3. Now…tell me what you think.

When problem solving, keep in mind that most of us do a poor job of keeping those three items clear in our head. They all swirl together and often lead us to make stupid decisions. Learn to break thoughts, advice and opinions into those three categories and you will see more truth.

More truth improves every area of your life.”

Sun Tzu (you remember… “Ancient Art of War,” right?), centuries before, thought similarly.

Using these three simple rules will lead you to firm ground, logical decisions, and a successful project.

I know… I know… more rules! Well, the house ain’t gonna build itself, right?

Now go get ’em!

Stay tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin