UFO’s attack England! Was it something they said?

21 Feb

Okay, now that’s about enough of that! Don’t make me go all “Independence Day” on yer ass!

This falls under the category of: “And now time for something completely different…”

I thought I’d take a break from the grueling task ahead of me… You know the one I’m talking about, right? I’m building a home for my family out of shipping containers and aircraft hanger components…

Yeah, that one… So, I jumped out on the web to see what the rest of the world was doing. And lo and behold, I hit paydirt!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… the skies got “dark and perilous!”

My readers (all three of them… thanks, Mom!) know that Ronin is a “green kinda guy.” I am a huge fan of “alternative power!”

Evidently… so are UFO’s! This just in…

(I found out about this sinister alien plot on “Switched.com,” a veritable treasure trove of obscure facts, trivia, and stuff that will win you a bar bet or two…)

UFOs Attacking Wind Turbines?

“Despite their green appeal, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t too pleased by the increasing prevalence of wind turbines. People say they kill birds, ruin views, make irritating noises, and are a general menace. Some residents in a sleepy town in England are wondering if visitors from other planets hate the things, too, and are indicating that one of their wind turbines was destroyed by a UFO.

Locals in Conisholme, a village in Lincolnshire, reported hearing a loud noise and seeing glowing orbs in the sky one night, and then they woke up to find one of the wind turbines mangled. The turbine manufacturer has no explanation for what happened — nor can it find the missing third blade. We’re sure there’s some perfectly reasonable explanation (after all turbines have been known to explode on their own), but we admit the alien theory is rather intriguing.”

But Ronin calls “BS” on the “Alien thing…” I think it’s just “out-gassing” pterodactyls that got pissed off because people won’t leave “poor Nessie” alone…

The “lost turbine” will probably turn up on Ebay…

“The Missing Third Blade…” isn’t that a part of a Wesley Snipes movie trilogy? Hmmm? 🙂

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Stay tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin