Using Popcorn As Fuel!

3 Mar

Greetings… fellow campers!

As my family builds it’s new abode, one steeped in “Corten Controversy” and “imminent catastrophe,” (if you listen to the “idiot” neighbors) we’ve been thinking about how we’re gonna power this steel-clad beast, and stay off the grid.

It’s not bad enough that we’re using Shipping Containers as structure, to build our house. Or, for that matter, that we’re using “recycled materials and garbage” to finish the house out…

We’ve even (gasp!) dared to try and establish some independence and just provide for ourselves, without the intervention of those evil British bastards that want to keep taxing our tea! 😉

Whaaa? Where did that come from? Never mind that last part… I’m just having a relapse…

We’re using Photovoltaics to make power, but we’re NOT going to use a connection to the grid. Where we live, the power company is just too difficult to deal with.


Between “bonds” to protect THEM against damages and the outrageous charges they attach to “our attachment,” we’re just gonna use batteries, and rely on ourselves. “Net Metering” is great, but not if you have to take medication to get through all the politics and paperwork…

We’re not in “Wind Country” so a wind turbine is out of the question. And, we’re not on a river, stream, or even a good flowing bay, so “tidal power” ain’t gonna happen either.

Now, my wife suggests that; “We should just use HOT AIR.” She seems to think we have it in an almost unlimited supply, to hear her go on, and on, and on… about it.

(But I still can’t figure out where she’s got it hidden. I’ve looked everywhere, and I can’t find it!) 😉

So, we’ve opted for a generator (can you say; “Army Surplus?” I knew you could…)  that we’ll use to top off an ocean of deep-cycle batteries when we can’t get enough power from the sun…

And, we want that “generated power source” to be as “green” as the rest of the house. So we’re looking at fuels to “power the power…”

Now, I’m a firm believer in “Bio-Fuel.” I’ve got some experience making it, and I never had any difficulties. It’s stable, reliable, and I love the smell of “french fries” in the morning!

I’ve even thought about ethanol. After all, if I can make my own… um… er… libations (Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell ATF!) I can make fuel, right? And that brings us to (Da-da-da-daaaaaa!) the topic of the day;



Talk about the bad idea of the century! Greed has no boundaries, and it appears… no common sense, either! What a bunch of losers…

So… It was only a matter of time…

Corn based ethanol has become the “OMG” of the decade. I’m frankly surprised that it wasn’t thought thru clearly enough, before millions of dollars were invested in a road that would ultimately (and obviously) lead to a dead end.

The idea of using a “food” as a fuel source, especially one as important globally as CORN, was one glaring “Whaaaa?”

corntoonThe prospect of spending more “fuel” to make it, that you actually achieve, was another…

This week, corn-based ethanol died, again…

Production suspensions and/or layoffs were reported by Pacific Ethanol in California, Coshocton Ethanol in Ohio, Northeast Biofuels in New York, and Nova Biosource Fuels in Illinois.

Pacific Ethanol said it would shut down production at 60 Mgy corn ethanol facilities in Burley, Idaho and Stockton, California, citing “economic conditions.”

And this is just the latest in a migration that is starting to resemble the Hebrews fleeing Egypt! Anybody who is dependent on a “Corn-fired” Ethanol plant is headed for the unemployment lines, I’m afraid! It’s the workers I feel sorry for…

The beancounters and CEOs are all doing the “monkey dance” trying to figure out how to get their grubby little hands on some “Stimulus Cash!” I wonder if they’re flying their corporate jets to Washington, and Limo’ing to Congress, with their outstretched paws waiting for “a taxpayer bailout?” I hope not.

Translation: They’re scared and they’re losing their um… er… shirts…

I could have saved them all a lot of trouble, but did they ask me? Nope! Knuckleheads! Everybody knows that the best way to get “power” out of corn, is to consume  it with chili! Add some cold beer and a football game, and you’ve got “Mississippi Mecca!” 😉

So… Stick a fork in her… she’s a goner!

I suppose that the thing we can thank corn-based ethanol for is the progress in “thinking” it created, on the road to algae-based fuels…


Good thing, too… I’d be pissed off, if they turned all my popcorn into power…

Me and “old Orville” would have to start kickin’ some butt! 😉


Stay tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin


2 Responses to “Using Popcorn As Fuel!”

  1. Nts. November 3, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    I think corn ethanol is a pain. its not all that gret for the environment and it takes so much to produce, come up with some better ideas people.

    • renaissanceronin November 3, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

      Yeah, using any “food” as a basis for an energy product is never a good idea, unless it’s chili! 🙂

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