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24 Mar

Shipping containers are remarkable things…

I’ve shown you how to build a small house out of a container for under $8,000.00 US

I’ve shown you how you can build a Recording Studio out of a container, and make your fortune in the music world!

Today, I’m showing you how to cure the sick, keep children healthy, and help insure your physical and mental well-being, out of these miraculous boxes!

Containers2Clinics is doing exactly that.

c2cThe people at C2C convert shipping containers into health clinics. Why, well… because a shipping container is an incredibly durable, easily shippable (after all, it’s a standardized size and shape), adaptable, and easily secured steel structure that can be moved virtually anywhere in the world, at a moments notice!

Think about it for a moment. Once you get your layout established, you can replicate these babies in a factory, and then load them onto ships to be distributed to places in need.


The interior of a shipping container can be fabricated to allow space for consultation rooms,  laboratories, offices for staff members, and include  highly securable medical storage and inventory space.  And, it’s easy to modify them to provide ventilation, light, and utility connections. Thus, this newly created container clinic can provides a personalized, local-level venue for community members to seek treatment services or preventive health education.

The Container Clinic can be organized as a stand-alone structure or as a complement to improve services and capacity adjacent to an existing structure – be it a health facility, community center, school, or church. The relatively small container clinic functions as a gathering place for community members; works with existing social organizations; and provides robust health education programming that addresses a multiplicity of community health concerns: pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, prevention of disease transmission, sexual health, women’s health, antenatal care and care for our elderly.


If you really think about this for more than a minute, it’s really easy to see how these clinics could become part of disaster relief infrastructure, anywhere in the world… say, after a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado! And, it isn’t much of a stretch to see small cities, towns and even rural villages having these deployed as community backbones, when combined with health care centers, Internet access stations, and even schools held in these same recycled containers. Are you paying attention, FEMA?

As America heads towards what looks like very difficult times, perhaps we should keep a few for ourselves, just in case… We could call them “Bubba Band-Aid Boxes.”

I’m going to see if I can round up some layout diagrams, or maybe even plans… You never know when you might need one of these.

Stay tuned!

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