Happy Cinco De Mayo!

5 May

I’m reminded today of the “Battle of Puebla” where 4,500 untrained Mexican commoners courageously defeated 6,500 Mercenaries, Indians and French soldiers, to voice their opposition of oppression.

That history lesson seems particularly fitting, as America tosses and turns in it’s bed, waiting to see what each new day brings. The economy is in shambles, mortgages are falling into foreclosure faster than a fat kid on a happy meal, and the national debt is climbing faster than an F-18 Fighter Jet at an air show.


I can relate to those Mexican commoners! Being the builder of an ISBU home puts you in situations where you face about the same odds!

There’s an awful lot of people lined up to tell you that you’re gonna fail. But you know what? The “Big Guy” upstairs gave us middle fingers for a reason.  So, I say;

“Trim your fingernails (because I’m sure that your momma taught you that “neatness counts!”), and then… apply that finger liberally! Make sure that they know you mean business! 🙂


Building that home is your war, a campaign that is going to be full of battles with forces seemingly stacked against you. But, if you plan carefully, act responsibly, and exercise due diligence, you’ll have them running like a “Frenchman” all the way back to  the edge of your property lines!

¡Páseme otra cerveza fría, y apresúrese para arriba sobre ella!

And to all those valiant Mexican warriors who gave their all in the name of freedom… This one’s for you! Salute!


Joshua! Gimme that back! You Rotten kid! 🙂

Stay tuned!

The Renaissance RoninNo children were intoxicated during the recording of this message! (Unless you count “Benadryl.”) A “Stunt child” was  used instead of “actual” rotten kid. Drink your milk! Don’t run with scissors! Be Hip! Don’t double-dip! 🙂