Mother Earth Meets Chili King! – Who makes more heat? :)

31 Aug

If you’ve been reading along…

You already know that this blog is all about my family’s quest to build an affordable, cool, energy efficient house out of recycled stuff like shipping containers and aircraft hangar components, that makes maximum use of earth friendly design, passive solar heating and cooling, geothermal exchange,  energy management, and common-sense sizing of the house for it’s designated use and the users. Namely… US!

Where do you put a home like that? Well, around here, it’s located in:

“Not in MY backyard, you Bastard!” 🙂

But, I’m gonna do it anyway… somewhere, somehow, someday… soon!

The most natural place for a home like this is on a south-facing lot. Duh!

If you ask the neighbors, however, the best place to put my house is anatomically impossible! Go figure! 🙂

But, the house is gonna get built, and I’m gonna have to heat and cool it, or my wife will kill me two times! 😦

So, how will I do it?

As you’ve probably guessed… I’m a big fan of making somebody else do all the work, so I guess that I should heat and cool my house in a similar fashion! Enter “Geothermal Energy.”

When most people think of geothermal energy they think of massive magma eruptions, or superheated geysers erupting from the earth.

But, it’s a topic that seem to cause some confusion. Speaking of “buts…”

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I can heat a room up, clear it out, and watch whatever I want on the TV, until the smoke clears… All I need is a big ole’ batch of my world famous “Three Alarm and a bottle of Pepto  –  Kosher Chicken Livers, Oysters,  and Peanut Butter Chili…

Don’t ask for the recipe… It’s a secret! Oy Freakin Vey! Somebody open a door, huh? 🙂


And yes, as a matter of fact… I always blame it on the dog… 🙂

Few people realize that natural heat energy created by the Earth’s core has enormous potential to be tapped for human consumption. More importantly, this form of energy is environmentally friendly (way friendlier than the neighbors!) and can be generated in your own backyard.

Whether the neighbors like it or not, I might add!

And, you don’t need to watch any corny Brendon Fraser movies to figure out how to do it, either!


You don’t have to take a journey to the center of the Earth to get this energy!

There is a rule that remains the same, no matter where you go…

Okay, almost anywhere you go… Stop splitting hairs, huh? This is hard enough already! Sheesh!

The rule is: At about 30 feet into the Earths surface the temperature stays relatively constant.

But how do you get the “constant temperature” from there, to where you need it?

You use a Geothermal Heat pump. Picture your Mother-In-Law sucking down Mint Julep’s thru a straw until the cows come home!  That’s how a Geothermal Heat pump works!

Geothermal heat pumps work by carrying heat from one place to another.

In warm locations such as islands, heat pumps can transfer heat from the home down into the ground thus cooling the environment much like a refrigerator does.


In cold locations such as northern places where crazy architects like Paul Stankey play, for instance… heat pumps can transfer heat from the ground into a building. Thus through this simple system you can produce “ambient air that warms or cools your home depending on the location.”


And we’re not just painting pretty pictures here! If you stay tuned, I’ll describe all the steps you’ll take, when designing and building your own geothermal home. Steps like fighting your way through the pre-design and design processes, muddling through the technologies used and even achieving the “expected” results.

Next time,. we’re gonna talk about water.

That’s right.


Geothermal and water go together like Cake and Ice Cream! And Gawd knows, I’m an expert at eating Cake and Ice Cream! 🙂

Stay tuned!

The Renaissance Ronin FYI: I do NOT work for Paul Stankey! So, stop asking! Even though he’s a “house smart” guy, and I love his work… I’d never work for a guy who wasn’t smart enough not to live in a place that gets debilitatingly cold! Nuh-uh!  He’s crazier than a bag fulla mad cats! 🙂

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  1. Dave December 3, 2009 at 1:37 am #

    Hey Ronin… is that above photo a real build? Can you tell us anything more about it?

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