The further exploits of that “Corten Criminal…”

8 Sep

It’s Me, “Mr. Corten Castle” himself!

At a “closed door” meeting on Affordable Housing, somebody in Jackson actually called me that recently! Sheesh! I’d prefer something like “Mr. Man, are you a Studly Bastard!”  Or even “Mr. Man who thinks that he knows everything…”

Wait, that’s what my wife calls me… and then she spits. There’s spit everywhere. I’m starting to think I live in a saloon! 🙂

Work continues on a few ISBU projects, and we’re making some serious headway. In my own family’s case, nothing has really changed all that much, as Mississippi isn’t showing any signs that they care about families, in the slightest.

You know… I’ve lived all over the planet, literally, and I’ve NEVER lived anywhere where the needs of the citizens are viewed with such contempt, and the greed of politicians is the lifeblood and the very mainstay of “state affairs.”

(Except maybe California…)

It’s become painfully clear to me that the only way any of the grants that displaced citizen families from Hurricane Katrina qualified for are going to actually get carried out;

“…is if Barbour and his cronies figure out a way to ‘sell them’ to the very citizens who applied and qualified for them.”

At least, that’s the way the representative (who shall remain nameless – by arrangement) I’ve spoken to recently, put it.

So, we begin to get as high up off the ground as we can and we look beyond our current borders to find a place where we can just live like “normal people.”

Okay, maybe not “normal,” but at least we’ll make a good show of trying to fit in! 🙂

Many of you know that I’ve been offered opportunities to build a home for my family in other states, and although the thread of a conspiracy lies just below the surface…

Hmmm… I wonder if somebody is Jackson, Mississippi is trying to pull some strings – silently – to get rid of us? 😦

If that’s the case.. a wooded waterfront lot on a river somewhere, with about 20 acres of fencing will do nicely…

Nahhh…. We’re just developing credibility… Yeah, that’s gotta be it! 🙂

Anyway, like I was saying…

“Ya know what really pisses Ronin off?”

I’ve been writing a blog about building ISBU homes since around May of 2008. I started it, because after a hurricane ate my house, I couldn’t find another one, and I couldn’t persuade the %^*&#@!! insurance company to do the right thing, and settle our claim…

…without using an handgun and committing a felony!

I’ve written hundreds of articles, many of them about homes we built in the past, using these wonderful building blocks. Each of these homes were built “for a family.” We didn’t cash in, we didn’t charge them an arm or a leg, or take an option on their kids.

Thank Gawd for that, do you know how much kids EAT? Oy freakin’ Vey!

Did you know that if you lined up all the unused shipping containers piled up to the sky, going unused, and collecting dust… it’d stretch around the Equator, almost twice? I didn’t think so.

See?  I do know it all… Okay, I know some stuff… Okay, okay, I know just enough to be dangerous!  And you should know that you should keep people “like moi” away from power tools, at least until National Healthcare gets better… At least that’s what that know-it-all, my WIFE says… Oy! 🙂

Why did we go on this crusade? Well, in the beginning, it was out of necessity. We lived in the mountains, out and away from everyone, and we needed a place strong enough to keep the bears from eating us. No kidding… I’m serious.

But, after we’d achieved a certain level of success doing it, we did it out of a love for “families,” the love of adventure and discovery, and frankly, because we love the smell of a plasma cutter in the morning! 🙂

Okay, I also did it once for a really scary “relative” who threatened to kill me two times, if I didn’t. But, I’m still alive, so what does that tell you? Hmmm?

It tells you that a ’69 Dodge Charger with a Hemi, driven by a terrified kid who want’s to grow old…  can outrun a Harley piloted by “the family serial killer…” That’s what! 🙂

We never did it as “a corporation, a conglomerate, or a company.” It’s always been more of a “Habitat for House-Craving Loonies” kinda thing!  And, we started doing it in the 70’s.

Not “1870,” you smart ass! I heard that! 1970’s… 🙂

Man, where did the time go? Where did my hair go? And how come I have “a spare tire,” when I don’t even have a car anymore? 🙂

Ah… never mind. Like I was saying… it continues to this day…

No! Not hair loss! Or “belly fat!” Don’t say that! You trying to jinx me?

So, anyway, as I toil away on posts in my “Heat your house with something other than Chili – Geothermal HVAC” series… I’m being barraged by all kinds of “opportunities” to get in on the ground floor of “this or that” GREEN Breakthrough!


There’s a lot of BS floating around out there, and recently, I started on a rant about “solar panel kits” that will provide you with just enough power to wish you were smarter, without having to squint in the dim light you create.

Ernest Hemingway said that “Man should develop built-in bullshit detectors.”

Recently, I’ve been reminded that there are contractors out there who are trying to sell other people’s shipping container designs, to build “affordable, sustainable, ISBU based” homes. This wouldn’t be so bad, if they were “real.” But, alas, they’re just playing the “green game,” looking to make a fast buck, in hard times.

How do I know this? Somebody just tried to “sell” me one of my own designs. Seriously.

So, what do you do?

  • If they can’t show you a house they actually built, walk away.
  • If they don’t own a plasma cutter… run like hell.
  • If they have to “learn how to do it” while you fund the build (and their education), walk away.
  • If they can’t figure out how to attach a piece of wood to the “outside” of a shipping container, walk away… Quickly.
  • If they show you a design that’s been out there (floating like a beachball for a decade) on the Internet, and they claim it’s “their’s,” walk away.
  • If they try to sell you containers so they can build your home for you… walk away. They’re just glorified “box brokers,” and they’ll steal your money at both ends.

I could go on, but you get my point.

You do, right? Ah man… Did you fall asleep again? Sheesh! 🙂

Do your homework before you decide to get in the boat with someone you don’t know. If you don’t, you’re gonna find out how long you can tread water… I guarantee…

Did you know it actually takes more energy to recycle a container, than you actually gain by doing it? That’s why there are so many mountains of them, clogging up US Shipping Ports.

(Okay, that, and stupidly regulated trade agreements with “the rest of the freakin world…”)

See, I do know everything… Okay, maybe not. But, you kept reading all the way to the bottom of this post, didn’t you? Hmmm? 🙂

It’s been said that there oughta be a law against the way I rant about stuff… It’s been said that the way I write is a “crime against literature.” But, I’m doing the best  I can, kids. It’s hard getting those three brain cells to rub together fast enough to make a spark. You’re just gonna have to bear with me, and hope I continue to take my med’s…

‘Nuff Said.

Stay tuned…

The Renaissance Ronin

Next time, we’ll talk about Geothermal “Somethin’ or other…” I promise! Maybe…  🙂


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