Nobody like’s Architects…

17 Sep

Greetings, you “Corten Crusaders” you!

As  I bury my head in pages and pages of Geothermal HVAC research (until it feels like my little tiny brain is going to explode), from time to time, I take a “Google Break…”

(Seriously, this “research” is so full of crap that you’d think politicians wrote it! Oy! I’ve re-written my damned series so many times now, I’m having nightmares about it in my sleep.)

And, lo and behold…

paul-stankeyA buddy of mine… Paul Stankey… a guy I’ve mentioned on the blog several times, got his face plastered all over the television, when some “cable guy” cruised his neighborhood looking for houses that apparently everyone else on the block hated. Imagine that!

Now, it probably happened because he got his mug in a tabletop book full of pretty pictures of  ISBU cabins, and container homes, and other ISBU stuff. I can’t really be sure, because  I can’t get my hands on a copy of the book, and “Mr. Man, am I famous now…” Stankey is evidently too big for his britches to send me a scan of the pages he got… 🙂

Anyway, like  I was saying… Apparently, at least in Minneapolis, Minnesota – nobody likes an architect! So, if TWO architects live next door, it’s double trouble! 🙂

As it turns out, Paul’s wife Sarah (who’s probably “the brains of the outfit…”) is an architect, too.

Now, I know Paul’s a humble guy, and he’s about as nice a guy as you could want to meet, but if I had his neighbors, I’d have gone postal and made the TV a whole different way;

“Minneapolis Man tires of neighbors constant whining and bitching… Bloody, Gory, Gruesome, Multiple Homicide! Film at 11pm!”

It seems that the locals don’t appreciate Paul and Sarah plopping down their modular house in the middle of a bunch of idiot’s “old neighborhood.”

Okay, maybe it’s just DeeDee and Robert who are the idiots, but I’m guessing that there’s a whole street full of ’em… After all, they ain’t even smart enough to live someplace where the winter weather won’t kill you! That’s just… idiotic! 🙂

I personally think they should thank Paul and Sarah… The Stankey’s will probably single-handedly raise the property values on that block…

See what I mean;

By the way, Paul… With the economy taking a dump, and leaving all you “CAD  Commando’s” as casualties sitting around begging for remodels “up Canada way…” Me thinks you should let your wife do the proposals from now on… She’s smart, handy with shop tools, and way cute…  And, I always meant to ask… What’s she doing with a geek like you, anyway? Hmmm? 🙂

In case you’re wondering why I’ve mentioned Paul and his crew so many times (aside from the fact that they’re slow moving and thus, easy to hit…) , here’s the damned reason… again…

Man, I gotta get another photograph, I’m starting to get sick of this one… 🙂

Welcome to the Stankey Corten Cabin…


Hey Paul… Just say the word, and I’ll put a stinky, flaming,  paper bag full a  Joshua’s best crap on ole’ DeeDee’s doorstep.  And using “baby crap” would put it way over the top, huh?  “Ding Dong… It ain’t Avon Callin…” 🙂

Why would I do this? Well… Cuz’ I hear that’s the traditional “My neighbor is an @sshole” kinda greeting… At least it is around here!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the front door to find a smoldering, smelly, fiery paper bag fulla … ah…. never mind.:)

Stay tuned.

The Renaissance RoninFYI: My “Geothermal HVAC Series” resumes on the 28th. Finally. You’ve been warned…