We survived it… barely… :)

13 Oct


Well, Josh is 2 years old. He got some goodies, he ate some cake, he experienced his first real “full-on” sugar rush…


And we survived it.

On the way to this birthday extravaganza, we:

  • We lost power several times to huge rainstorms that ate everything in sight,
  • blew multiple transformers on our street in a massive electrical storm, one after the other… and…
  • lost the power supply in our computer.

Surge protectors don’t work too well, after getting slammed several times in a row, apparently.

All this before Monday, which, as it turned out, was a holiday. So, everything (of course)  was closed.

Then, Joshua’s B-Day took over everything, and we spent the entire day catering to his every whim, which seemed to orbit around him beating us senseless, and screaming “You bumped!”  Then he’d giggle like a mad man, and hit us again.

A friend of ours, Heather… got Joshua a really cool trike/rocking horse. Thank heavens that it’s too big for him to lift, or he’d be hitting us with THAT! 🙂

Thank you, Heather. We’re grateful. Truly.

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m finally back on-line. Josh is looking for something to hit me with, and Char is fast asleep.

The blog returns to it’s usual “caustic self…” tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

The Renaissance Ronin