Hey… Let a trucker build your Container Home porch!

9 Dec


Welcome to another episode of;

“Ah Jeez… That ‘Container Home’ nut is loose again… Haven’t they got a straight-jacket on that  freakin’ idiot yet?”

You know me, you love me… okay, some of you loathe me… but I’m still building my house with Shipping Containers (ISBUs,) no matter what you say, or what you throw into my yard, or how many people you get to stand out in the street chanting:

“You Screwball! Go home… to some other town…”

I’ve talked about Shipping Containers (ISBUs) until I’m blue in the face, and people still think I’m out of my mind. It seems that some people just don’t know a good thing when they see it. All they can see its “the box.”

Do I care? Well… yeah… but it’s their loss, I guess. You can’t make people learn.

Recently, I learned of a project to streamline tractor trailers, to help increase fuel efficiency. Now, it’s gonna make them even longer… so you’re gonna have to pedal faster, if you decide that you want to pass them.

But… a tractor trailer is about the same size as a standard Shipping Container (ISBU), on it’s “business” end.

And it started me thinking…

If this happens, then we’ll get another piece of the puzzle, to recycle, modify just a tad…  and assemble into housing components!!

I give you…

The “Highway 39 Instant Covered Porch!”

From Alternative Energy;

(Which, BTW, is a site that Ronin HIGHLY recommends reading. They unveil some incredibly cool stuff there!)

Sometimes slight modifications in existing machines do wonders for fuel saving. A simple attachment of a tapering protrusion at the back of a truck can save up to 7.5% in fuel consumption. This is a significant amount of fuel saving with a simple alteration. This fuel saving is possible due to dramatically-improved aerodynamics. It has been verified by road tests conducted by the Dutch PART (Platform for Aerodynamic Road Transport) public-private partnership platform.

PART has been exploring various methods to improve gas mileage and fuel cutback. They tried out wind tunnels and modeling and this combination threw up various possibilities to reorganize truck lines. They short listed adding of a boat tail to the back of the truck. What is a boat tail? It is a tapering protrusion which is mounted on the back end of a truck. Tail ends length is about two meters. The feasibility of this arrangement is already demonstrated by the wind tunnel experiments and computer simulations. Both of these experiments were performed at TU Delft, in theory and using small-scale models. This modification was also tested on the public highways. A lorry fitted with a boat tail was driven across the public highways for acquiring the practical data of this project. This lorry was running on the public highways with its boat tail for one year. Another one year was spent on the public highways with a lorry but this time lorry was not fitted with the boat tail.

The end result of this project was reduced fuel consumption of 7.5 percent. Lesser fuel consumption automatically leads towards lesser carbon dioxide emissions. The optimum boat tail length was found to be two meters.

Read the rest of the article, HERE.

Hey, if you put these on the end of your Container Home, will you use less energy?

Um… probably not, but it’ll sure look cool!

And, if they’re gonna build them, I’m definitely gonna recycle them. Hey, I know a decent porch when I see it…

Stay tuned.

From My Family to Yours…

We wish you Happy Holidays!


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