“New Years Lies” and other stuff…

31 Dec

It’s that time of year again.

While I sit here writing a three part series about building and living in Container Homes that I’ve begun to refer to as;

“I wanna live anywhere BUT here!!”

and as I quietly watch the rain hammer us into something that resembles a muddy bog, I’m reminded that in the end (each and a every one of us) are all we have.

As my 2 year old son Joshua lies sleeping on the couch (thank the Gawds! He’s been a little terrorist all day!)  🙂  I’m reminded that…

Each of us has a relationship with someone else, something else, somewhere else… and we are defined by those relationships.

Believe me, just ask my Mother-In-Law…” Oy.

As “the Holidays” roll to a close, I’m remembered that it’s almost time for “tradition” to bite us on the butt again as we “gather” in those relationships…

You know, that time when (filled glass in hand) we all look right into each others eyes and then tell whoppers about how we’re gonna do things differently, starting “tomorrow.”

It’s called; “New Years Resolutions.”

I’m a big fan of guys like Physicist Amory Lovins of The Rocky Mountain Institute, who preaches the practice of using resources wisely.

I suppose that I’m like this for many reasons.

  1. I’m poor. Truly. Between hurricanes and a horrendous disease (cancer), my family is carrying a  heavy burden.
  2. I’ve traveled the world, and seen people living at levels most of us couldn’t survive, and they considered themselves lucky”, even “wealthy”.
  3. Resources are “limited” by nature.
  4. I’m smart enough to know that “those in charge – aren’t.”

Like the soap-box rantings of most competent cult leaders (which I’ve lately been accused of being, again…) Amory preaches the “four part platform”.

Here’s his:

(And pay attention, because there may be a test at the end, huh?)

The Four Principles of Natural Capitalism

Radical resource productivity:

Using natural resources far more efficiently is both profitable and better for the environment.


Using nature as mentor, model, and measure yields superior design solutions that profitably eliminate waste, loss, and harm. Nature offers extraordinary design solutions honed by 3.8 billion years of rigorous testing; whatever didn’t work was recalled by the Manufacturer.

Service and flow economy:

Providing appropriate services in place of direct product consumption—decreasing costs, hassles, and material waste. The concept entails a new perception of value, a shift from the acquisition of goods as a measure of affluence to an economy where the continuous receipt of quality, utility, and performance promotes well-being.

Reinvestment in natural capital:

Sustaining, restoring, and expanding stocks of natural capital will help reverse world-wide planetary destruction, so that the biosphere can produce more abundant ecosystem services and natural resources.

But, Ronin? What the hell does this have to do with “New Years Resolutions?”

If we could all just resolve to try and use these simple rules to guide the direction of our footsteps, we could really CHANGE the world.

You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to be smart. You don’t even have to be an adult!

(According to my Mother-In-Law, I ain’t even ANY of those three…)

Here’s just a couple of ideas of things that you CAN do;

Pay attention to our personal use of resources.

“Close that door! Were you born in a barn?”  😉


Work with the Earth, instead of against it.

“Um… Photovoltaic Panels point South, right?”


Use only what you actually need and get it from a point close by.

“Geez, Walmart has EVERYTHING!”  🙂


Think about what you’re putting in the air.

“Ronin! Shut UP! All that Hot Air is contributing to Climate Change!”


Time for the test:

We all make an impact on the planet.

Like my good friend Peat Bakke at Peat.Org asks;

What are YOU doing to change the World?

Start tomorrow. Make it your New Years Resolution, hmmm?

Stay tuned.