Haiti and Hamburgers…

18 Feb

Greetings, Campers!

Lately, we’re (the newly formed “Corten Container Cavalry”) building Medical clinics inside of 20′ ISBU Containers. They’re going to be headed to Port Au Prince,  Haiti, to help the people start to recover, staffed by volunteer doctors and nurses who generously agreed to share their time and skills with the needy.

Although work has begun, we’re a long way from finished. And, we could use some help.

If you feel like you’d like to donate a few bucks to help get these boxes fitted out, so that they can be used to help Haitian kids to survive, we’d sure appreciate it.

People, I hate to even ask, but there’s a message here, to be sent to those “cold-hearted bean-counting bastards in Corporate America”:

“… as mere ‘citizens of the world’, as parents of kids, and people with hearts that actually beat, we are determined that we can do more than these “stuffed-shirted demi-gods”, who apparently only value money, and not mankind…”

We need to send a “loud and clear” message  to these schmucks that:

“This isn’t about your ‘bottom line’ or your ‘profit margins.’ It’s about HUMAN LIFE. It’s about children dying, while you debate how much profit you can make off the Aid packages.”

If you already HAVE Metal Fabrication skills, and you’d like to donate a few hours or a weekend of your time, to help out, we could use your hands.

The work required right now is tricky, so we don’t have time to “teach” this time around. There WILL be other ISBU projects in the very near future where you’ll be able to “learn the trade”, so to speak, so fear not.

This time, we’re simply crunching big-time and burning daylight.

The hardest part is getting these outfitted and fabbed as quickly as possible… so that we can finalize the shipping.

Look, we’ve all seen the corruption that is rampant in Haiti right now. I’ve talked about it here before.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of aid is still stockpiled in local shipping ports, secured by Haitian Troops, while the Gov’t tries to figure out where they can sell it, to line their own pockets.

Stuff like HUNDREDS of these:

I personally know the guy who loaded them up for shipment. In that same container were thousands of family sized tents, destined for Haitian families who needed relief from the sun, and the rain……

I’m actually encouraging people who are connected to this HAITIAN AID MISSION to bring UP “the corruption, the graft and the greed” already heavily in play, as loudly as they possibly can.

Look… you’ve read my posts, and you know that I’m really pissed off about it. My yelling about this isn’t much, but it’s at least “intellectual insecticide…

If we can get enough camera’s on-scene, and put enough pressure on the greedy people in the mix, we can make them go into hiding long enough to make a difference.

So… as you can imagine, the actual transport and deployment of these boxes is proving to be the hardest part.

But this isn’t Ronin’s first Rodeo.

I’ve actually been to Haiti MANY times over the last 17 or so years.

In part, it’s WHY the Clinton-Bush people called me. As a result, we’re having to rely on “old friends in high (American) places” to help use some “force” to get them into play.

We’ve worked out a plan that allows the 20′ Medical Units to get to Haiti (under guard – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… “Gawd Bless the US MARINES!“), and then be handed directly to the volunteer Doctors and Nurses (who will arrive there at the same time), so that these boxes don’t get waylaid by “Haitian people who should be minding their own business… or better yet, tending to the business of healing their country.”

Deployed initially at (secured and protected) refugee centers, these boxes will start seeing Haitian  patients within 24 hours of arriving on Haitian soil.

Sometimes you have to use a HAMMER… or the US MARINES. Enough said.

Look, if you can HELP, please do. This is important.

There’s a Paypal button up there on the right. Just earmark your donation “Haiti Fund.”

Okay, now that I’ve brought you up to date on the Haiti project, here’s something for you to talk about over the dinner table… literally.

I keep telling you guys and gals that these Shipping Container boxes are capable of just about anything that you can imagine as long as you use your head, and common sense.

All you have to do is put your backs into it.

I’ve mesmerized you with stories of “Boxes in the Boonies.”

I’ve dazzled you with tales of “Towers in the Twilight…”

I’ve entertained you with chronicles of “Corten in the Country…”

But… I’ve never told you sonnets of “Spuds in the Steel…”

Until now.

It was only a matter of time until somebody actually tried to build a box like Adam Kalkin‘s “folding wonder.”

For those of you who don’t know who Adam Kalkin is, you can find out more about him, HERE.

You remember, the one every one talked about, even though no one mentioned that it had no plumbing, nor the ability to actually WORK… 🙂

I give you “The Quik House.”

(Still it really MADE you think about the box, as a box. It was ART, I tell you!)

These guys I’m gonna tell you about in a minute watched too many “Transformer” movies… I suspect, probably waiting to see if (even for a second) Megan Fox could actually act… 😉

Their result… this “Corten Creation” called “The MuvBox” has come to life in Montreal, of all places.

(I only say that because I wished it’d happen here, in “certain parts of the US”, where idiots at local Planning and Zoning departments would have to deal with it. The aneurysms it’d cause would be worth the price of admission… 🙂

Okay, to the point…

What was the point? Oh yeah.. I remember…

At 9:00am, it’s a “Corten Cube”, sitting on the street.

At 9:02am, it’s a fully functional restaurant.

I repeat:

At 9:02am, it’s a fully functional restaurant.

“Bah and Poo Poo!” you say?

Oh yeah?

Stay tuned.