It’s Happening All Over!

5 Mar

Greetings, Campers…

As we work on the Haiti boxes (mostly assembling “flat-packed” cabinets, and fabricating the stainless steel countertops and stuff like that – for the time being)…

I thought I’d take a moment to show you HOW ISBU’s are being used, “outside” America’s borders.

I still get email from people who “don’t get it.” It still cracks me up to get email for people who talk about the “NEW” ISBU building techniques.

Container Homes aren’t NEW.

Container Homes have been around as long as there have been shipping containers. DECADES! They simply weren’t “mainstream” in America, because we had our focus set “somewhere else.” Only because of this new GREEN Movement, are they considered “NEW”, and that’s simply because now they’ve become fashionable enough to put on TV for a good rating.

There are thousands of these homes/cabins/shelters in existence outside the borders of the United States.

It’s just that here in the US, we’re kinda spoiled. We get to build whatever we want, and we don’t have to worry about costs, or labor, or um…wait… maybe we should have been taking notes… 😉

So, I’m going to just show you how some OTHER (S-M-A-R-T) people have used ISBU’s to solve housing problems.

You’ve all seen this high-density housing project. I’ve talked about it almost endlessly;

But, not everybody wants 1,000 screaming college kids in their backyard, right?

What if you used ISBUs to build a small complex, or even a small community?

The Military does it. They do TOO! See?

Okay… too “industrial…” Let’s take another look, shall we?

What about something like this?

Okay, still too many people in your yard…

What if you just used a few ISBUs to build a home or two? You know, one that would blend in with the neighbors, without screaming “Mad Max Industrial Armageddon?”

These boxes are just that: BOXES.

Use them creatively and you can house a 100 people, a small community, a few friends and neighbors, and even (gasp) your Mother-In-Law…

(Notice how the doors and windows face AWAY from your house?) 😉

These Corten Cubes are just components. Building materials. Sure… they pose a challenge or two, but think of the things you can accomplish, if you just use your gray matter for something besides fertilizing your hair!

Stay tuned!


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The last six  photos are credited to:  ei Sedan

One Response to “It’s Happening All Over!”

  1. clarkscottroger March 8, 2010 at 7:18 am #

    Just stopping by…the house towards the bottom of the Post, quite respectable!
    As an re broker I always look for the ‘curb appeal’ and while there no one style or look that is good or bad, mostly its about “accessibility” to use a word in a context different from how it is normally used. Here I mean a design people will see and say ‘nice house’, that simple.
    As opposed to say, ‘what it that?’ (or here in New England we sometimes hear), ‘oh..a contemporary…how interesting…’ (squeal of tires as they drive away).
    Anyway, the house in the Post above with the porch and the green metal roof, very nice. The metal roof is qctually quite ‘northern New England’ in look and style.

    So will be watching, as always, cudos on the work…

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