Fun With PVC!

11 Mar

Hi there!

Here at “Renaissance Ronin” we’re looking for excuses to do “manly” things, since our wives made us stay up all night making “seed tapes” for another project of ours:

The “2010 – The Bubba Effect “I’m NOT A VICTIM” Survival Garden.”

That’s because… lately, somebody who shall remain nameless…  talked me into making “seed tape,”and like an idiot, I mentioned it to my wife.  So now, (robbed of “the seeds are too small for me to see” excuse) I’m tasked with starting all the seeds.

I’ll get you for that, Alina. I swear I will… 🙂

Oops. I wasn’t gonna “name names”… Oh well! 😉

(Man… my “I’ll get you” list is getting longer, lately… Hmmm…)

You see, when we’re not dreaming and scheming all things ISBU, we’re thinking about what, or sometimes even WHO we’ll eat next. Because the only thing worse than a “houseless Daddy Ronin,” is one with his stomach grumbling.

Well, starting seed in March requires a little ingenuity, since the weather is sneaky here, and it can turn on you in a second. Here in coastal Mississippi, the weather is just downright demented. Last night it dipped down into the frosty part of the thermometer to the point where your breath almost clouded. Then, this AM it rained, then it got bitterly cold, and now… it’s 64 degrees and it’s headed back down into the thirties tonight.

Talk about a roller-coaster. Mother Nature must have missed her meds… again.

So, I started thinking about building a small greenhouse, but because I’m frugal as “all get out”…

(And people frequently tell me to do just that… “AL! GET OUT!“)

(And no… about the “frugal” thing… it’s not a “JEWISH” thing… It’s a “POOR” thing, so just stop it.)

I have a bunch of left over PVC Connectors. And, I have a bunch of leftover PVC plastic pipe.

And… what could possibly be more “manly” than plumbing?

So I thought to myself;

“Self… I ain’t up to “bare-fisted shark wrestling” this week, so…  what kind of mischief can I get into before the fumes from the PVC glue overtake me?”

And, Voila! Then it came to me like a blow to the head with a cast-iron skillet…

Here’s what I’m going to do:

Instant greenhouse, that “Transformers” into a chicken coop, later this year!

C’mon, you guys know how I am about “recycling and repurposing” stuff. I mean, really…

I’ll put chicken wire over it now, from top to bottom. And then, I’ll cover the chicken wire with clear plastic sheeting material, that you can buy in big rolls.

WHY? Because I just happen to have some of that “plastic on a roll.” It’s see thru, and a little bit thicker than the stuff they wrap your new VCR or DVD Player in, from the factory.

Then, I’ll build some benches to plant in (using recycled wood, of course), and run a waterline up inside one of the “legs” of the PVC structure, so I can water the plants now, and then water the chickens later. I’ll just build it so the whole thing runs off a garden hose attached to the greenhouse/coop, wherever it gets dragged to in the yard.

I’ll run an extention cord up “the other side,” so I can install (2) overhead CFLs’s, to allow work after dusk…

I might even put “garden cart” wheels on it, to allow it to be drug all over the place without it rubbing on the frame when it gets moved.

Easy, easy, and it shouldn’t take more than a weekend. He said. 😉

To firmly anchor it to the ground, I’ll just use u-shaped coat-hanger wire, pushed down over the frame at the bottom, into the ground. I may even add a few tent pegs to it, just for insurance.

After the seeds get off to a good start, I’ll take the plastic off the sides, and then throw some chickens in there for Joshua to torment. I’ll just throw some dark plastic over part of it, to give them some shade…

And since we’re talking about PVC and gardening…

This guy used 2 & 1/2″ pipe for the outer structure, and 3 & 1/2″ pipe for the top and two vertical supports.  It’s easy to harvest with this walk-thru trellis.

Now them’s some “Manly” Cucumbers! I’m gonna have to send a big “Thank You” to Dave Camp, who built this PVC Beauty!

Don’t blame me.. or even Alina… blame this lady:

Or blame these guys:

You can find other cool stuff to make out of PVC here:


Yeah, I could have done it out of an ISBU.  But have you ever tried to drag an ISBU across the yard? Huh? Well?

I didn’t think so. Hmmmmphf!

Good luck.

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8 Responses to “Fun With PVC!”

  1. Patience March 11, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    Great Work Ronin! That looks better than the stuff they try to sell on the internet

    • renaissanceronin March 12, 2010 at 5:42 pm #


      I’m out looking for those “crazy glasses” and a big old hat now, so I can start my own infomercial! 🙂

      If people will buy those silly “hanging tomato baggies,” or those yellow page sized books on “how to get money from the Gov’t,” they’ll probably buy the “Build your own PVC Greenhouse, while you get really loopy on the glue fumes!”

      Ya think? 😉

  2. Madrigorne March 12, 2010 at 1:03 pm #

    Beware the wind – anchor that puppy REALLY WELL while it’s a green house or that thing’ll travel to visit your neighbors IN TRAFFIC. Also Anchor it with guy lines so the wind doesn’t make it lay down and squish whatever you are growing. I speak from personal experience – having had to fetch my greenhouse home twice and then bury it when it died. That was a very sad day. 😦

    • renaissanceronin March 12, 2010 at 5:38 pm #

      Hi Madrigorne!

      I can just picture that:

      “HEY! Come back here! ARGH!!!” 🙂

      Yeah, I figured I’d have to anchor it solidly, just to insure it doesn’t move with the Gulf Coast breeze…

      Hey… It’d be “Gone With The Wind…”

      Sorry… even for me… that’s lame. 😉

      I’m thinking that I may even make some “greenhouse anchors” by filling some coffee cans with concrete, embedding some threaded rod into them (‘cuz I already have a bunch of it), and then connecting shock lines to them, tied off to the greenhouse. Then I’ll bury the anchors about two feet deep.

      (4) on each side, and maybe (2) on each end.

      “Deadheads” like they use to help secure seawalls.

      I can just imagine you trying to resuscitate your poor greenhouse:


      My condolences about your greenhouse. But, it’s best to talk about these things… to help the pain go away. And fear not, your greenhouse is up there in “Vegetable Heaven…” 😉

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Mary Bartoszek March 13, 2010 at 9:53 am #


  4. clarkscottroger March 13, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Don’t forget the fake library! You need to sit in front of books because people will assume you must spend all your time working on the…Secret of (fill in the blank) instead of out trying to stealing retirement checks from little old ladies.

    Being a real estate broker, when I surf past an infomercial of Riches to Real Estate I cannot help but stop for a second, stop and stare. And I think, jeez even after the meltdown they are still peddling the get rich the easy way (just buy this book).
    (We all know that they make money because it is a medical fact that less than 10% of people will go to the trouble of asking for their money back.)

    So I like your blog simply because it has things that are real, useful and while maybe not costing anything upfront, require the person to invest themselves in the process in order to get the benefit. Just like real life.
    Keep up the good work.


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