When is a CONTAINER, not a container?

13 Apr

When I’m not talking to you about ISBUs, or Plasma Cutters, or even ISBU home floorplans…

I’ve been talking to you about  “Survival Gardening.”

Oh, I have too. You can’t click away that fast… You’ve seen the posts!  😉

But not everyone has;  a  wife that nags them almost constantly to get up off the sofa and go out in the yard, “to get some exercise by playing in their big yard with a shovel”… or a few kids to trick into doing “forced labor” to build Chicken Coops/Greenhouses or raised beds, or plant row upon row of beautiful tomatoes…

Anybody wanna buy a wife? 😉

And not everyone has a driveway that they can line with fences made of PVC, to turn something ugly into something productive and green… literally.

But anyone, even YOU… can “container garden.”

You don’t have to buy big fancy pots, and spend tons of cash to get started.

Here’s an example of how easy, and even creative it can be.

Self-Watering Containers

These containers are great because you make them for less than $5. They are made from materials that most likely would’ve been sent to landfill and are readily available.

A self watering container can be placed on a fire escape, balcony or in front yard. Since it’s in a container, it can easily be transported as well.

The tools and materials required are:
• 5 gallon bucket
• 1 vinyl tile
• 15″ of copper pipe
• Plastic deli container (or butter, creamed cheese container)
• Drill with 1/4″ bit
• Marker
• Razor
• Scissors
• Duct tape

Check out the video below for assembly instructions or check out the full instructions on how to make a self-watering container.

This little brainstorm didn’t come out of my head, either! I got it from a smart guy named Mike over at The Growing Edge.com!

And I suspect that he stole it from the guys over at Urban Organic Gardener.com

So, if you cut yourself on that Exacto Knife, fall off your fire escape, or just generally tick off the fireman trying to use said fire escape to fight a fire… blame THAT guy (Michael Lieberman) at “The Growing Edge” or even the guys at Urban Organic Gardener.com… and not ME! 🙂

Here’s where you can find Mike’s entire post:

See? If you run one of my posts, I will run one of yours! It’s “Win-win!”

Now, you have no excuses, except maybe an allergy to hard work. Get busy!

Wanna know more? Go see Michael. I’m sick of gardening! I’ve got ammo to reload! 😉

Stay tuned!


One Response to “When is a CONTAINER, not a container?”

  1. John April 20, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    Cheap, maybe, but complicated. Or at least more work than I want to do. For your system, I’d recommend PVC instead of copper pipe.
    Here’s another possibility. Since buckets will nest, simply use two buckets. One is the reservoir. The other is for the plant. In the bottom of the plant bucket, cut four slits in the bottom. Cut up an old towel into strips. Fit the towel strips through the four slits in the bottom of the bucket so the fabric forms a cross or X inside the bottom of the bucket. Fabric will hang down from the bottom of the bucket. Sit this inside your reservoir with fabric strips dipping into the water. Fill your plant bucket with soil and your seeds.
    This system requires you to lift out the plant bucket to check water levels from time to time. This also means you might not want to grow anything too large, such as an unwieldy tomato plant, but you could surely do greens in it.
    Just a thought. Take it for whatever it’s worth.

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