I may be RUDE, but it’s “Crude”…

8 May

As the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico grows in size…

As it approaches our beaches here in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, all I’m hearing is “boom this, and boom that…”

But, just putting booms in the water around the spill so that they can suck up the oil, isn’t going to do the whole job.

Where I live, you can see the C-130s (air tankers) actually coming and going,  they fly over the oil spill, to dump chemicals on to it, to help “disperse it.”

This “dispersal agent” is EXTREMELY toxic. It HAS to be, it’s job is to break down the oil.

But, don’t be fooled. That “chemical soup” doesn’t get rid of the oil, it just breaks it up into smaller pieces, and then… some of that oil sinks to the bottom of the seabed, to sit there killing anything and everything around it, for a LONG, LONG time.

The “oil control chemicals” that are being used will kill fish, fowl, and anything else near them.

So, it’s like pouring gasoline onto an already raging inferno.

And, since BP’s liability in this is already capped at $75 million dollars, it’s Americans who will bear the brunt of the clean-up (I’m hearing numbers like $10 billion dollars before this is “thru”  at least a decade from now), and the after effects of this horror, both physically and financially.

By the way… do you know how long it takes BP to make $75 million dollars in profits? Less than 1/2 hour. A HALF HOUR.

The Gulf Coast of the United States will change, as we once knew it. We thrive on fisheries, tourism, and the Marine Industries. All of those will be dead for years after this “clean-up” is over.

And, worst, it’s Mother Nature that will have to heal from this, for a long time. “Ole Mom Earth” is going to need some serious antibiotics to cure this ill. Oy.

The Gulf Coastal Current covers 3/4ths of the planet as it makes it’s big loop…

So, if we just skim the surface (as some have proposed), scraping the toxic sludge off the top of the water, will that solve the problem?


Crude oil has two parts;

One part is the marketable crude oil itself.  That crude oil gets refined to make gasoline and other petroleum based products.

The other part is “waste product”. It’s toxic water. Crude oil is made up of 2% crude oil and 98% waste water… and that waste water contains high concentrations of some of the most toxic and lethal carcinogens known to mankind.

That “waste product” is a deadly soup that will MIX with the seawater in the Gulf of Mexico, and  then be circulated by the Gulf Current…  spreading it all over the globe, to harm, maim and kill everything in it’s path…

Petrochemical Engineers call that waste water “Armageddon Ale“. That should tell you something.

Millions of gallons of toxic water, diluted to become billions of gallons of toxic water…

And nobody is talking about the toxic fumes…

Those petrochemical fumes off the oil slick will get blown in off our Gulf Shores (further increased in toxicity by dumping other toxic chemicals onto them) to taint and contaminate everything they encounter.

Like plants. You know… the ones in your garden.


I TEACH people to use plants as a filtration element when creating GREEN water treatment centers that deal with sewage and graywater reclamation.

We all remember High School Biology, right?

If you live in this part of the South… you won’t be able to eat what you grow!

The petrochemicals will end up in the fruit and vegetable PRODUCED by those plants. It will be POISON. How many farms will be turned to dust, over this? Around here, if it’s not tourism based, it FARMING based. Oy.

And, each and every one of us will be breathing the very same air those plants get…  contaminated air… right into our lungs.

I’m betting that in a month or so of the oil’s “arrival”…  we’ll all be emulating Michael Jackson, wearing a paper surgical mask everywhere we go…

Are those surgical masks up to the task? I’m going to have to “Google” it.

We are talking about an environmental disaster the likes of which this planet has never SEEN before.

And the Oil Lawyers for British Petroleum (BTW: this is the same company behind the Exxon Valdez disaster… a company that has a history of drilling and pumping American oil – to sell to “other” nations – while doing everything that it can to save money… by cutting back on safety precautions), and the Politicians (most out glad-handing and shaking hands, taking advantage of the “media moment”), too… spin it down… and tell us not to worry…

“It’s all under control…”

Sorry about the “run-on sentences”. My English Teacher, Miss Hooper, would be SO proud… 😉

Who are the “Oil People” kidding?

They tell us that “it’ll all be okay.”

It’s a lie. It won’t be OKAY. It MAY become “manageable”, but we are a LONG way from OKAY.

As we wait for the oil to arrive (“trace” oil is already here), we work as fast as we can, to get ISBU galleys built, and a Children’s Center stocked (The Levin Love Center – or “the LLC”, for short), so that our kids will be safe while WE try to make the coastlines they live on… “safe… ish”.

If you can help, do it. Don’t make excuses. This will change lives far from Biloxi. Far from New Orleans. If you eat seafood, or farmed produce, you are going to feel the effects.

There’s lots of ways to help.

On this end… We need stuff to keep kids occupied.

Children’s Movie and activity DVD’s, Playstations and games (you know… video games and even the game stations themselves), toys, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, games, books, laptop computers (because they are smaller and more easily managed) to run games, play DVD movies and allow kids to SEE the rest of the world, sheltered from the “doom and gloom”,  that will bombard cable TV broadcasts… you name it.

The age range is from 3 to 12 years old. We need INSIDE Stuff. It may soon be a very bad idea to have kids out running around in the air outside for hours on end, breathing in big gulps of toxic air.  We’re thinking we may have to actually minimalize their exposure.

If you can help, DO IT. We NEED this.

If you don’t have stuff laying around collecting dust that we can recycle, perhaps you can hit that Paypal button and contribute a few bucks. If our kids are safe, it’s one less thing to worry about, as we try desperately to clean up this mess.

If you HAVE kid’s stuff that can be recycled for this worthy and desperately needed cause, then email me here:


We’re working as fast as we can to establish a mechanism to support this project.

I’m also urging you to check out “The Greenest Dollar” for more ways to save the wildlife, deal with the oil and it’s horrid effects, and come to the aid of the families of the South as we battle this oil “in our front yards”.

Heather is doing a great job of keeping everyone moving in the right direction. She should have called her blog “The Greenest Thumb” because if it’s “GREEN” she has her thumbprint on it…

Me? I have to get back to the Plasma Cutter… These ISBU Kitchen boxes aren’t going to build themselves.

Stay tuned.