“Crating” your kids…

19 May

Oil, oil, oil…

I’m so sick of oil…

This is a Shipping Container Home construction blog.  I swear it is.  I know that I’ve been doing the oil spill thing lately, but frankly, in part, it’s because I have about 200 emails a day asking me if there is oil on my beach yet.

Yes, we have oil on the beaches.

It’s the beginning of the storm… It’s the trace that gets here first, carried by the tide. In the next few days, the “real oil”  (“The OMG – This is HORRIBLE” stuff) will start to get here.

We’re already seeing dead and dying wildlife.

Oy… I really don’t want to be thinking about this right now. It just breaks my heart…

So, let’s shift gears, shall we?

I actually get so much email that I could use a clerk. I swear it’s true.

Some of it is the typical “Can you really live in a an ISBU Shipping Container? Really?” kinda stuff… but some of it is grass roots;

“How in the hell do I convince my kid to sleep in an 8′ metal box” kinda stuff.

In fact, I get asked that question a LOT. People see the box as “a crate”, and they just can’t imagine sleeping in it comfortably.

One set of parents I know are on the fence, and the hold-out is the 12 year old son, who is scared to death that they’re going to ask him to sleep in “the end of a metal crate”, and get teased by all his friends.

So, just to pour more gasoline on that fire…

Today I’m gonna show you how you can build a really cool teen bedroom, that takes up a little tiny amount of space. By little tiny, I’m talking like 7 ‘9″ x 12’ and change.

How do I come up with 12′?

I like to put a regular 8′ sliding glass door in the room, to “open it up” to the outside, and let in a ton of light. I like to start that sliding glass door at the edge of the bed/desk  system to provide some privacy and a place to hang the bookcases that will form one end of the work/sleep unit.

That means I’m gonna leave about 4′ of wall, and then start my glazing. Voila… 12′ and change.

You still get a good sized closet that measures 5′ wide, by 8′ 9″ tall.

Devote 2′ of that closet to “long hanging”, and then divide that other side up into two hanging rods, and you still have a ton of hanging space.  Plus, you have room across the top and bottom for shoes, and baskets to put clothes in.

In fact, that closet you build will form the divider that provides the doorway into the room.

Now, to give the room some character, instead of using a traditional door, consider using a rolling barn type door. It’s fun, it doesn’t SLAM… and it doesn’t eat up any space… just the few inches it actually travels in, behind that closet.

If you do it right, it can look like this:

Any kid would love a room like this, to do homework, play computer games, and snooze after long weekends of chores and festivities…

Kids will envy him/her for their room, and the cool GREEN house they live in…

More later.

Stay tuned,


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  1. TM May 25, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    If you have the book for sale …How to build the shipping containers as house , I would like to buy one . I just don’t know how to deal with zoning and planning dept and how to build it . I love your idea , by the way . Thanks, TM.

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