The Corten Kiss… of death.

26 May

If British Petroleum dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil per day into the waters off the beach in my front yard wasn’t bad enough…

Building a home out of shipping container is tough.

If it’s not the building inspectors, it’s the neighbors, who think you’re trying to turn “their” neighborhood into a “Mad Max Nightmare”.

Finally, somebody had enough of all the whining and complaining, and used one of those beautiful containers to solve the problem. Permanently.

I give you the…

“Get outta my yard…” Corten Club.

An ISBU Cruise Missile…

That’s just peachy.

Now, I have to be careful who I honk at, because that tractor trailer in front of me, doing 35 miles an hour up the Techachapi Grade… might just be hauling a doomsday device. Oy.

A cruise missile can take out an aircraft carrier, so blasting a hole in that “allegedly biofuel powered Hummer Wagon” hogging two lanes in front of you should be a cinch, huh?

But who’d “really” buy this Corten Club?

Who wouldn’t? This opens up a whole new avenue for the terrorist in your neighborhood. A container ship could become a warship.

A train pulling miles of ISBU’s stacked on those flatbeds could become a country killer.

Beyond terrorists like Hamas, Al Qaeda, and the Boy Scouts…

(Not to mention Mary Kay ladies…)

Countries like Iran and Venezuela would love to have something like this in their arsenal. Can you imagine? This takes “U.S. Customs Container Inspection” to a whole new level.

And, they’d be affordable enough to trickle down into the hands of bad guys without flags…

We’re talking $20 million, folks. Chump change, if you want to start a really big fight.

But as someone else pointed out, maybe this is really just a viral video on YouTube touting a new up and coming video game, like “Command and Conquer”… “Final Front.”

One can only hope…

Me? I want one.

“Honest,  Mr. Building Code Inspector…

It’s just a Shipping Container “staircase tower”…

The windows are at the top…” [wink!]

For the “war geeks” among us that want spec’s:

The Club-K Container Missile System is designated for hitting surface and land targets by 3М-54ТE, 3М-54ТE1 and 3М-14ТE cruise missiles.

Club-K Missile System can be installed on coastal positions, surface ships and vessels of different classes, railway and automobile platforms.

Club-K Missile System is housed in 40-feet standard marine container.

Functionally Club-K Missile System consists of Universal Launching Module (ULM), Combat Management Module (CMM) and Energy-Supply and Life-Support Module (ES&LSM).

The launcher with 4 missiles is housed in the Universal Launching Module. The ULM is designed for preparation and missile start-off from transport-launching containers.

Combat Management Module provides:
every day servicing and scheduled missile control;
receiving of target detection and commands to open fire
combat support computation;
pre-launch preparation;
launch mission defining and cruise missile launching.

CMM and ES&LSM can be constructively arranged and made in the form of separate standard marine containers.

– Capability of usage from any land and sea platforms
– Efficiency of delivery and installation on carrier or coastal positions
– Hitting of surface and land targets
– Ability to increase the number of ammunition loads

“Baddness” on a Corten Colossal Scale…