“Top Kill” isn’t a Video Game…

27 May

Most people who read this blog know that I live near the beach in Biloxi MS, right in the path of the oil spill.

So, my email is just jammed with questions about what is happening here. And one question is getting asked over and over again:

Everyone is asking me what a “Top Kill” is.

They’re referring to the new “solution” that British Petroleum (BP) has put into play, to find a way to make it look like they are actually trying to do something besides make matters worse.

This animation will give you an idea of what they’re planning;

And yet, for all the grandstanding, they’re trying to “hide their hand”. There’s a lot that isn’t being seen, and even more that’s trying to be covered up.

BP started the “Top Kill” yesterday. BP, once again, trying to cover their proverbial asses, kept saying over and over again…

“Don’t worry. It’s working. It’s going to be fine.”

But, when all of us watched the oil spill “leak cam” that you can link to from all over the Internet, it was apparent that the Top Kill solution was just making matters worse.

You can actually see mud and oil escaping thru the mouth of the riser as they pump the Top Kill “junk” in.

Here’s what is happening:

The fluid coming out of the top of the riser is indeed a mix of mud and oil.  Scientists and experts all over the planet right now are worried that the amount of mud and oil escaping through the leak is just making the leak worse.

So, BP engineers will try to adjust the mixture in an attempt to stop the flow of oil thru the leak.  If that doesn’t work, engineers may try;

[quote] “putting solids in the mixture as a variation of the “junk shot” maneuver”. [unquote]

In other words, they’ll resort to trying to plug the hole with concrete.

It’s getting bad, folks. Those booms you can see offshore aren’t helping. In fact, they’ve been deployed for cameras, and NOT oil. Anyone that has ever worked an oil spill, or gone to “Boom school” will tell you that they are doing it completely wrong, in every single instance.

Once again, BP is just going thru the motions, and has no real intention of “doing the right thing”. Doing the right thing is too expensive, apparently.

I just saw an “intensely good” Youtube video on “Booming for oil spills”. If I can find a version that isn’t filled with profanity (I’ve never heard the “F” word used so many times in 8 minutes – in my life, not even at a boxing match!), I’ll post it so you can see what I’m talking about.

(Send me an email if you want me to just send you the link. I won’t post it, it’s just “too nasty”, even for ME.)

This is the worst oil spill in the history of oil production, folks.

And, it’s heading for the beach in front of my house. I am already at the point of weeping over what it’s doing to Louisiana as I type this.

But I don’t have time to cry. I have to get prepared.

I just hope that I’m successful in getting my wife and son to a safe place, before I have to try and stop it. Char’s system is beaten down by the cancer she carries, the chemo and treatments only make things worse. Joshua is 2, and his little body just isn’t prepared for this kind of battle. The harm to him would be irreversible. I am praying for ALL the kids in the path of this monster. It’s going to absolutely wreak havoc on them.

Stay tuned.

BTW: Check this link out;