You are NOT alone… :)

10 Jun

Here at “ISBU Shipping Container Central”…

… we’re beating the drums, keeping everyone going in the right direction, as we jockey Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBUs) from “paper to pile”.

Sure it’s “a juggling act” sometimes, as we have a lot of containers… um… er… balls up in the air. We have to. There are a lot of families out there that need homes that they can afford, homes that will shelter and protect their loved ones, as things get shaky in America and beyond.

And, these families don’t have a lot of people to actually talk to about what they want to do, using these marvelous steel boxes. I mean, after a few conversations with the “In-Laws” that start out with;

“Are you freakin’ crazy? You wanna do WHAT?”

Um… after a while, you just start keeping your ideas to yourself.

Look, don’t get discouraged!

In fact, your success is directly related to your courage, and your devotion to making things work. And… it’s not like nobody is listening:

Here’s just a smattering of the people I talk to regularly…

Foundations/Institutions/Organizations that have contacted RR for advise;

AIA – American Institute of Architects
American Society of Environmental Architects
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Columbia University – School of Architecture
Columbia University – School of Journalism
Harvard University – Graduate School of Design
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NSEC – National Society of Environmental Consultants
NYU – New York University
UCLA – University California Los Angeles
University California San Diego
University California Santa Cruz
USGBC – US Green Building Council

Companies – Media that have contacted RR for ISBU advise;

Acquire Media



Capital IQ


Dow Jones

Dun & Bradstreet



FOX News






Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Herald Examiner



NBC – Affiliate Stations (3)

New York Times



Orange County Register



Reed Elsevier

Thomson Reuters


Wall Street Journal


I hear from journalists and reporters regularly. Most of the time it’s “fact checking”, but more often than not lately…

… it’s about the NUMBER of families that are opting to build their own Shipping Container Home by the “Do-It”Yourself” school of thought…

I talk and get email from a ton of manufacturers in the “Green Building” environment. Sometimes it’s press people, but more often than not, it’s engineers.

I talk to architects and builders all the time. Weekly. Some are asking about specific details, and the others? Um… they usually want to “spin green” (the economy is killing everybody) and want me to pave their “new” road (usually for free… Oy).

I even get calls from Congressional offices, and from Senatorial lackeys. And (gasp!) I even talk directly to the “Boys on the Beltway” when they have time off from lobbyist lunches and Martini marathons… 🙂

The moral of this story?

Don’t let people tell you that nobody is interested in building ISBU Container Housing. Far from it, the real dilemma (from the “suits”) seems to be HOW to MARKET it (against all the existing negative hype) HOW to DO it, and HOW to MAKE a profit.

And guys like ME?

Well, I’ll be teaching families all across American and beyond… how to do it themselves.

Okay, Dave Cross will still be mad at me for divulging “Container Lore”… but I know that he’ll forgive me… eventually. He knows that I’m doing “good”. 🙂

Stay tuned.

And nope, Dave’s not really mad at me… But I do have my own “niche” in his ISBU Build Universe

Lemme see….

There’s the SG Blocks way… (A very good way, I might add!)

Then there’s the “The slipshod way that everyone else does it…”   😦

And then… There’s the “Alex Klein Way”… D-I-Y, baaaaby! 🙂

Guess which one I like best?  😉