“Corten Man” to the Rescue!

17 Jun


Due to the Gulf Oil Spill, and family health issues, I’ve condensed part of the “monster sized” reference book I’m working on;

“Container Home Building”

into a Special Report titled;

“Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings”

subtitled; “Contemplating Corten Castles”…

This Special Report about ISBU container homes and cabins is going to start shipping!

Am I excited? You bet!

It addresses a lot of the pertinent issues, and includes several floorplan sets for ISBU homes in the 20′, 40′ and 48′ High Cube ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit) range.

These are not “pie in the sky” homes, folks.

Nor are they “fantasy” budget busters.

These are homes that you can build with your own hands!

“Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings”

is in PDF format, and the price is a low – low $9.95.

It’s to the point, both MAC and PC friendly, and will get you started down the Corten Path! All sales are being handled thru PayPal for the time being. After we’ve processed your payment, we’ll confirm your order and then email the REPORT right to you!

Reserve your copy RIGHT NOW!  You’re gonna love it! I promise!

This REPORT  will NOT be available when “Container Home Building” is released. And I’ll point out that “CHB” is going to be considerably more expensive, at an estimated cost of $49.95. We’re talking “reference book” here folks…

See that PayPal button on the right? That’s the ticket!

What are you waiting for?

Hah Ha!

It is I… Corten Man!

But you already knew that, didn’t you? Like the “slicked back ‘do?”

Can you tell that my wife is yelling at me? Now all I need is a little bit of Brylcream! 🙂

Look, I can turn an old metal box into a fortress of steel!

Okay, so we’d better stop at 9 stories tall. After all, you gotta “Respect the Box! Respect it!”

They’re just BOXES. You really can do it, pretty much like this.  You just stack em up, lock them together, and break out the welder. It’s like that old video game we used to be addicted to, before we had children… and wives.

You can house a lot of families in a very small space, by using this method, to form new housing. Affordable, sustainable  housing.

I can turn a mountain of metal lurking in the guise of a shipping container into a Corten Castle!

Lemme see, I left my wallet in the third one up, four over… Oy.

Want proof? Order my new Report; Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings!

YOU can turn a 20′ ISBU Shipping Container into a Corten Coffee Shop. Ice Cream Shop, Toll booth, Guest Cottage, Home Studio, you name it!


I cannot stop the oil. Not with all the ISBUs on the planet. The Gulf of Mexico Spill rages on, and we sit here waiting, as the tide plays with our emotions, and your futures.

So, besides the Report  I’m currently releasing, “Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings” (see the top of this post for those exciting details!) and the work on the “Corten Encyclopedia“, as it’s become known in these parts… while I’m waiting for the oil to arrive on our beaches, on top of my “normal” workload, I’m working on a series of plans for projects already in development this year;

They include an Art Studio nestled in the Alabama woods, a 2 story townhome model that will be an integral part of a new Corten Community,  a Grade School annex for some cool Cherokee kids, and possibly even some “proposal” collaborated design work for a 30 bed home for homeless Veterans –  for both Men and Women.

In the meantime, I’m collecting stuff to fill a day care center that is going to be established to care for the children of oil spill workers, so that the kids will have something to do other than worrying about their moms and dads, as we all pitch in to battle the spill.

As work progresses, I’ll show you what we’re working on, and even try to further stimulate your interest in “all things Corten.”

As the economy gets tougher to deal with, as housing becomes more and more out of reach for families, we’re going to be helping families build shelters of steel, to prepare for whatever comes next…

And the proceeds from the Special Report, and the Book…  will help make that happen. Reserve your copy now! Hit that PayPal button!

Stay tuned!

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