I want to move to the hills with a ISBU Cabin to keep me warm…

25 Jun

It’s all about power, plain and simple. They have it, we don’t.

“They” want us to follow along peacefully behind them, like addle-headed lemmings, while things get worse, and worse, and worse.

Is it any wonder that many of us simply wish to withdraw to spaces we can self regulate and control, in homes built as affordably and sustainably as possible, while we serve up a heaping portion of self responsibility and self reliance?

It’s hard to watch the gyrations, without wanting to just move to the woods…

The economy is killing us. Foreclosures are taking our homes, while jobs head for parts unknown, to places like Mumbai.  Oil covers the beaches of Gulf Coastal America.

The conditions that we live in currently make some of us want to build strong homes, strong fences, and turn our focus inward onto our  families first,  and then “everything else.”

And that’s exactly what many of my ISBU families are doing. They’re pulling up conventional stakes, and even moving to rural environs, to places where they have MORE control over their lives, and the POWERS THAT BE have less.

They want to take that POWER back, and use it with wisdom, and not folly.

Whether you want to live in the the country, or the county… in the woods, or just desire a comfortable life in a strong, energy efficient, affordable home crafted with your own hands…

I know that you’re looking for answers.

It’s for this very reason that I released my report;

“Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings!”

I wanted to get something into the hands of families that are looking for “alternatives” to the “same old energy guzzling, mortgage strangling” tract home or condo down the block… or even worse…

And, it’s also why I made sure that the report would be very affordable.

$9.95 isn’t much to pay for taking your first steps toward family independence, as you start taking more responsibility for your loved ones.

My book will tell you what you need to know… and show you what you need to do, to get yourself on the path to a better life.

It’s time we all started paying attention to what’s happening around us, and making decisions that will insure that our families don’t get caught between a rock and a hard place. The first step to family survival is insuring that you have strong sustainable shelter. Not many things are stronger than steel.

Building your own home using repurposed ISBU Shipping Containers. combined with conventional materials,  and doing it with the cash in your wallet… translates to that ability to cut that leash that holds your neighbors by the throat. You know the leash I’m talking about.  It’s their 30 year mortgage.

While they are working like dogs to pay the piper, you’ll be playing with your kids and BBQ’ing on the back deck.

Why? Because you’ll have more free time and money to share with your family. Isn’t that what “family” is supposed to be all about?

So, let’s do some math;

Building your own ISBU home means creating a strong, energy efficient environment to raise your tribe in… while you save money.

That equals less stress, less drama, simpler living in collaboration and not confrontation, stronger families, and a path to richer communities in almost every tangible way.

And while you’re contributing to making everything around you better, you’ll be doing it sustainably, affordably, and efficiently.

It’s hard to find any fault in that logic.

I want that for MY family, and I want that for YOURS, too.

To find out more, I hope you’ll give my report; “Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings” a good read. It will SHOW YOU how you can build a home out of steel, with your own two hands…

It’s available by hitting that “BUY MY NEW BOOK”  button up there on the right side of your monitor.

Do it now, while everyone else just shakes their head and wonders how we ever got into these messes that plague America.There is no more time to just sit idly by. We have to act, while we still can.

Want an example of what I’m talking about?

How about this;

If it walks like a duck, and squawks like a duck…

Where did common sense go?

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the man-made biggest disaster in the history of civilized man.

And aside from the Oil Companies involved, where were the regulatory guys from the EPA, and all those other gov’t offices tasked with safeguarding our seas, and even our way of life.

They were bought off.

Isn’t it about time we realized that the oil companies and their “bought and paid for” politicians are NOT working in our best interests? How many of these disasters will it take, before we can’t even imagine “recovery”?

American isn’t run “by the people, for the people” any longer. It’s run by conglomerates. Corporations have more rights than individuals. And they have louder voices, when push comes to shove. Why? Because they bought and paid for the politicians.

If anything is clear, it’s that it seems many, if not the majority of big business corporations are designed to pillage and loot, while keeping us quiet, by controlling the media, and even the rule of law. They pursue profit by burying their enemies, and buying and suppressing technology that would save us, by leading us to a “better path.”

That’s another reason to wrest power back from them, by taking more control of your own life. An affordable, sustainable home is a huge step in that direction.

Let me help you find that path. Buy My Book! 🙂

Stay tuned.


Strong language, but I think you’ll find this interesting…

Stay tuned.