Stacked and Racked, those ISBUs are packed!

1 Jul

Funny, funny…

So, I’m in the middle of releasing my brand new book;

“Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”

and I get this email from a wise guy who includes THESE photographs:

Note: these photos came from, one of my very favorite places to lose track of time on the Internet. I go there looking for one thing and an hour later I’m still there “cruising the coolness!!” I love these guys! 🙂

And, he wants to know if my new book will teach him how to do the same thing.

The short answer is;


While ISBU shipping containers are often used as  building blocks to create homes and other structures, apparently only in Sweden are they used to intimidate anyone who’d be crazy enough to want to stay at your ISBU house.

Michael Johansson decided that he wanted to “make a statement.”

It took me a while, but I finally figured it out.

The statement is;

“Mom-in-Law, dearest… of course you can come visit. We finished your new guest room! It’s that travel trailer right there in the middle… We wanted you to be front row center…”  🙂

Seriously, beyond committing sacrilege by maiming that poor Volvo (look hard and you’ll see it) he demonstrated that ISBUs can be stacked creatively and even artistically. He also demonstrated how to build an ISBU structure that is sure to give the Planning and Zoning guys aneurysms, and the neighbors fits of apoplexy.

It’s “Win-win! I tell you what…”  🙂

But, if you want to learn enough about ISBU containers and the art of turning them into solid, safe, energy efficient homes, homes that you can AFFORD… I urge you to check out my new book;

“Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings.”

In it you’ll learn WHAT ISBUs are, what they AREN’T, HOW to use them, WHY you should, and then…

I’ll share some “insider tricks of the trade” with you, about actually building them with your own two hands…

Pop quiz: Which ones AREN’T REAL ISBUs?

I’m going to show you a bunch of my favorite floorplans, just to get those creative juices flowing!

And speaking of juices, it’ll cost you less saliva than salivating over your lunch at most fast food restaurants.

For only $9.95 (okay, you’ll have to buy the “Big Meal Combo and a half… with extra cholesterol”) you get a good look inside the world of ISBU Construction and enough inspiration to keep you up late at night with a sketchpad as you start planning a Corten Container Home of your own!

What’s “Corten”, you ask?

Well, you’ll have to read the book, won’t ya?  😉

There’s a big button at the top right of this page (in the sidebar) labeled ;

“Buy my new book.”

Please. Buy my new book. My wife thinks I’m an idiot. Please help me prove her wrong! 🙂

Alex Klein

aka: Ronin

BTW: She doesn’t really think I’m an “idiot.” She’s just thinks I’m “slow.”  😉