ISBU Housing is tough, tough, tough!

9 Jul

For a few years now, I’ve been telling you about the virtues of using ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit) Shipping Containers, to build housing.

And I’ve told you about some of the places I’ve put these boxes.

NOW, I want to show you where our men and women in the Armed Forces spend their sleeping time, when they’re lucky enough to have a  roof over their heads;

These quarters get tested daily.

Now, imagine a place where you could build clusters of cost-effective Corten Steel habitats  right here in America, to house the homeless, the needy, and the poor.

Sure, according to the National media, your neighbors, your relatives, and even Planning and Zoning… those Industrial strength metal boxes are probably going to start out “housing life” as “stark and ugly” in many peoples eyes, but to the families nestled safely inside them, it beats a shelter, or the underside of a bridge all to heck.

And… they can look like anything you want. They’re just BOXES. They don’t have to look like a “The Sci-fi prison on Planet 9.”

Right now, there’s a LOT of homeless people in the South (and there are going to be more) as the economy and the oil spill take their toll. Jobs are scarce, and places to live… even harder to find.

And, ironically in the South, right now, there are HUNDREDS of  little 20′ ISBU boxes sitting in piles… just waiting to be repurposed into  Communities like the one you might be able to imagine, as you look at this photograph.

Okay, so maybe only the ones in Texas would get this kind of sand-blasting… but you know what? I bet a lot of families would be willing to risk it, for a safe place to live, while they struggle along with the economy and the current state of affairs here in the USA.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Now take that same logic one step further.

My new book;

“Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”

… will show you how you can use ISBU shipping containers to build REAL, affordable, sustainable, energy efficient homes for YOUR family.

ISBUs aren’t just for “Public Housing” or prisons.

Don’t believe me? Google “Peter DeMaria + Redondo Beach”.

I’ll take you through What ISBUs are, How to use them, Who is using them, Why you should use them too, and WHERE you can put them.

(Insert your own joke…)

Oh, just stop it! You were thinking it too. 🙂

For less than the price of a couple of Big Mac Meals at lunch, you can learn how to use these Corten Containers to change your life.

I’ll show you some of my favorite floorplans, and even whisper some tricks into your ears that will save you thousands of dollars while you’re constructing and living in these Corten Steel Castles!

Craig M from Florence, Ontario, CA says:

… I just finished your book ( my air conditioner broke down during a heat wave and I’ve been spending time in a small trailer, away from my computer).  It’s a great book and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Almost all the material that I’ve found on container homes isn’t backed up with any working knowledge of the subject or it’s “high minded architect art” ( not that I disapprove of “high minded architect art” – but I am looking for something more “doable” on a modest income)…

Robert C from Hemet, CA says;

Ronin, after seeing all the “almost impossible to afford or build” ISBU projects on some Architectural Sites, I’d almost given up! Your great book reaffirmed for me that I can build an ISBU  home out of Corten Steel for my family that will rival anything in my neighborhood and I can get rid of my banker and his outrageous mortgage at the same time. Bless You!

You Sir… have a new disciple! Hoo Yah!

Doris L from Reno NV says;

Alex, Thank you for your great book! I’m not a builder, or even a technical person, I’m just a single mom. My dad bought your book for me. And your book taught me more about ISBUs in one evening (pouring through your terrific book from start to finish), than I’d learned going from “ISBU expert site to expert site” on the Internet in months. And you did it in plain English! I want an ISBU Home and I want you to help me build it!

(I grew up on Dad’s farm, I can even weld!)

And, now my dad wants an ISBU Home too! Thank You!

The cool thing about writing this book is that I know it is going to plants seeds that are going to change lives.

If you’re ready to change your life, that path is ONE button away. And that button is the little image of my book right up there on the right hand side of your screen!

NO! It’s not the monitor power button! Stop that! It’s the button in the sidebar that is clearly labeled:


Sheesh… everybody’s a comic… 😉

For $9.95, you can start building a bridge to a new life.

Buy My Book.

You won’t be sorry.


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