Finally, GREEN that you can TRUST.

22 Jul

Okay, so I wrote a book. It’s not like it’s Tolstoy, or Clancy… or even Dr Seuss

But if you want to learn about how ISBUs work, my book;

“Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”

… is a good start. I’m sure by now that you’ve seen all the posts leading up to it, and you’ve probably even read the reviews. I get lots of comments and  I’ve gotta tell you that I’m surprised at how well-received it’s been.

If you haven’t got YOUR copy yet, there’s a button on the top right hand side of your screen, that looks just like this book. That’s be mine. It’s the one that says: “BUY MY NEW BOOK” over the top of it. Click it, and then throw $9.95 at it, and I’ll personally make sure that you get your copy faster than you can say;


Speaking of photovoltaics;

I spend a lot of time researching, as I get pointed to “this place or that” by my readers.

There are times when I want to just scream as I see “myth and fairy-tale” promoted. Let’s face it. There are a lot of people trying to re-invent themselves out there, as the economy slowly strangles us. Rarely do I ever follow the winding path, to wind up “in a valley filled with treasure.”

Until now.

Steve Spence, over at, is a GOLDMINE of information on topics that we can all relate to. He doesn’t just talk GREEN. He LIVES GREEN, and he helps others to do that as well.

He has a ton of good information stuffed into his “archive” and some of it is in the form of ebooks that you can collect” to form the “Mother of all Reference Libraries.” Some are free, and some you’ll pony up for, but I’m telling you, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s definitely worth the time to go thru his stuff, looking for your personal treasure…

One of the ebooks that caught my attention is one on Solar Power Production, titled:

DIY Solar Install.

In it, he basically takes you by the hand and walks you through a “nuts and bolts” Photovoltaic installation, from start to finish. He teaches you how to do the math, how to point the panels, he does everything but plug in your “caffeine converter”… to the other side of that plug. 🙂

On my blog, I do tend to “Proselytize Photovoltaics“. I may preach them… but Steve is the “Pope of Photovoltaics” in my book.

It’s worth your while to go take a good look at his site, and his ebooks. While you are there, take a few minutes…um… okay it’ll take you hours (as you’ll get so absorbed!) at all the Green Goodness his site contains.

(I just hope he keeps his nose out of ISBU stuff, or I’ll probably have to surrender my throne…) 😉


Why are you still here?

Go on! Git!

Ah, Crimeny, do I have to do everything?


Stay tuned.


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  2. Daniel August 6, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    Awesome! I checked out Steve’s site and was blown away by the amount of information. I’ll definitely be spending some quality time over there. Thanks for turning me on to this resource.

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