I Oughta Be in Pictures! I Oughta be a Star…

31 Oct

We’re doing another Commercial ISBU Project!

I know, I know, I help families build homes… what’s up with the commercial stuff?

What am I doing building “Green Screen Studios?

Well, I did always want to be in the movies…”

(But the closest I ever got was paying $9 bucks to get in… usually alone… sigh! );)

But all that wishing and hoping did get me across those red ropes to THIS door:

Recently, I was contacted by Vic Cherubini, the head guy at EpicSoft.

After buying my book;

“Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings”

He (and the team at Epic) wanted me on the team as they construct the “Studio of Dreams”…

The Epic Software Group is a multimedia production company located in The Woodlands, (Houston) Texas.  Founded in 1990, the company operates from a state-of-the-art production facility filled with an incredible team of Artists, Animators and Programmers.

It’s about to get “even more state-of-the-art”.

Below is a partial reprint of a recent article that appeared in the Woodlands Villager on October, 7, 2010.

By: Lauren Hodges (lhodges@hcnonline.com)


“…The process Vic (Cherubini) is undertaking has been a really inclusive type of process. His blogs and weekly reports about the construction will prove invaluable for anyone else planning to construct this type of building. With this Creative Co-op, Silver Rock and epic will be capable of providing among the highest-quality production services in the greater Houston market, few other companies are capable of what we together will be able to accomplish. The Creative Co-Op is going to be a strong, strong opportunity.”

There will be three other units open for lease, a 28-by-44-foot green screen studio, and epic will be using studio space.

“It will be built out of cargo containers used for inter-modal steel building units,” Cherubini said. “The kind you see for shipping on the back of a 40-foot tractor-trailer. They are in excess supply. … They are incredibly strong and hurricane resistant.”

He said this option will be inexpensive per square foot and is a green option, which he refers to as upcycling or taking something intended for one purpose and using it for a better purpose. Each unit is 320 square feet, which also makes the construction process faster. They are seeking recycled items from people doing renovations or wholesalers with excess inventory. This includes windows, doors, cabinets and other building materials.”


If that wasn’t enough to endear me to these guys;

(Editor’s note: Formatting is OURS – Don’t blame Vic!)

Epic Receives Final Permitting Approvals for the Creative Co-Op

October 8, 2010 – The Woodlands, Texas – this afternoon we got a call from the Permitting Department in Conroe, TX informing us that the Fire Marshall and County Engineer signed off on the building plans we submitted on September 6th. With the 4 permits in hand (TX Accessibility Standards, South Montgomery MUD District, Fire Marshall, County Engineer), we are officially into the construction phase of the project.


Since I am new to the construction process (at this level anyway) and building with containers is new for most contractors, I knew I would need some help to make sure we get the job done right. Over the past year I have been collecting information on ISBU container projects from all parts of the web.   I have assembled this research into a document that I will update and post to the blog so others can quickly find links to those sites I found helpful.

One very helpful source has been a fellow by the name of Alex Klein, the author of the blog The Life and Times of a “Renaissance Ronin .  Alex has literally written the book on container construction;

Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings

… and for $9.95, this e-book is a no-brainer purchase for anyone even remotely interested in building with Corten Steel boxes.

I spent several days going through his site with a fine tooth comb, and then sent him an email on our project.

He responded immediately with a detailed reply that was VERY helpful.

He suggested a consulting arrangement to help me with the project, and we worked out a deal that is mutually beneficial to both of us.

Alex is located in Mississippi, and just a phone call/email away…


Stay tuned as we follow the build of an incredible Studio that will really make people sit up and listen when the phrase “I’m building with ISBUs” pops up!

And don’t give up on your dreams! My movie debut is right around the corner! I can FEEL it!


See ya next time!


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  1. ted yrizarry October 31, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Whats that phrase you use…
    OI VA!? VE? something like that…look out folks his heads gonna swell…more.
    Congrats Alex…Give ’em hell(p) and find out how they bribed the zoning folks to move so fast and in such a positive manner!

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