I want it… But WHERE do I put it?

18 Nov

Welcome to another exciting adventure in the “Chronicles Corten”…

I knew it was going to bite me on the butt.

Ryan (from Milwaukee WISCONSIN… ;)) shared a post with me recently that talked about places where they’ll give you a hunk of land to build on, providing you play nice.

I passed it on to the “congregation” and lo and behold, my worst fears were realized… 😉

I got 28 emails in two days asking me to further qualify WHERE someone should put an ISBU home.

There was more than one suggestion about where I should put them, but they were “anatomically impossible.”

So, thanks Ryan… for getting me into this mess! 😉

But seriously folks…

I recently read an email forwarded to me,  where a guy was talking about “things RV” and I was amazed at how pertinent that same information was, when applied to settling down in a Hulking Metal Homestead.

So, I’ll paraphrase his post and interject some sarcasm of my own. After all, it’s what I do, huh? 😉

I have no idea who the original author was, but he’s on the right track… so, I’m gonna throw in a few left turns, just to keep you on your toes.

Here’s some things to think about when you start considering the big move;

Where should I live?

1. Are you cold where you live now?

Okay, so move to the low country of Arizona. San Diego County, CA… No, wait… that State is about to fall into the financial ocean…

2. Are you too  hot?

What? Vegas isn’t your idea of “paradise”? Drive to the cool mountains. Colorado is nice and you can build with ISBUs without getting an aneurysm in most places.  (Unless there is a HOA near you, as one of my ISBU families discovered. It set them back months and they had to get a lawyer. Me? I’d have just used a handgun…) 🙂

3. Does noise bother you?

Go live in the hills or the peace and quiet of the high desert desert. Or invest in EARPLUGS.

4. Do people bug you?

You CAN find places located within Bureau of Land Management (BLM) parcels where you can build affordably. I have three families that did exactly that. They act as caretakers for Park land, and in return they get free land and access to existing utilities. Their duties basically revolve around driving an electric cart around the perimeter once a day or so and snapping a few photographs…

Incidentally, their teenagers are doing the patrols now…  while the parents usually sit on the porch drinking “lemonade”…   The kids love it and the parents… love it more.

5. Afraid of the neighbors or (gasp!) the neighborhood?

Embrace the mystery of life and move to the woods. I’ll take bears, deer, or squirrels over nosy neighbors, every time.

6. Are you sick, or even worse, dying?

Then “Die with some courage” – don’t be a burden to your family and friends. You can do this by moving to a place where you can really LIVE until time brings you to that door.

I can’t tell you how many people I know who were always in poor health until they moved to a place where they had to participate in life at a higher level. They garden, raise chickens, goats, and even bunnies. They tend their own tools, carry their own wood, and even spend time with their loved ones. And amazingly, they lived with less stress (in spite of the increased responsibilities) and they got BETTER.

Note that I’m not saying that “moving to the boonies cures cancer”. Heaven knows, if that was true, my family would be there now.

It’s different for everyone and there is no “universal answer.” You build a home where it works best for YOUR own family. Because in the end, that’s all you have, like it or not. 😉

Scour the classifieds. Fly through cyberspace on a regular basis. Poll your relatives. The key is finding that space that is the “perfect fit” for YOU.

You CAN find “County land” that is located near “City jobs”… that is if you’re still lucky enough to have one.

You can find ways to circumvent the hustle and bustle of city life, by replacing it with “outdoor activities and home schooling. It worked for the pioneers, and I’m betting, after researching the horrible (and consistent) decline of national public school test scores, your children might be better for it.

And, you’ll be closer to them. After all, you’ll be sitting right across the table from them, helping them with “New Math.”

And moving to the “Outland” has other benefits. You’re beyond the immediate grasp of “City Congestion” and “National Torment” (Government). That’s gotta be worth a few long months of toil, building your castle.

Being self-reliant has it’s benefits.

Wherever you drop those pilings, wherever you drag those boxes to, know that we, the Corten Cavalry will welcome you to the ranks…

… and we’ll even share our secrets with you.

You’ll be the better for it. And, so will we.


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  1. Jeremiah November 18, 2010 at 8:17 am #

    awesome and totally funktastic

  2. Jeremiah November 18, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    just so you know, I’ve been posting your stuff all over twitter – you’re running out of reasons not to have a twitter account, bud! 🙂

    • Renaissance Ronin November 18, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

      I’ll have you know that I HAVE a Twitter account.

      I just don’t have any idea how to USE it. LOL!

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