But they OUTLAWED growing grass…

25 Nov

While you’re sitting there in your Turkey Day stupor, here’s some entertainment:

From “Stupid Bath Tricks”…

Subtitled; “Things NOT to include in your ISBU Home budget”;


Jungle Grass Shower

Designers Jun Yasumoto, Vincent Vandenbrouk, Olivier Pigasse, and Alban Le Henry came up with the concept when looking for new ways to recycle precious H2O. After you have washed your turkey saturated butt in the special eco-shower they’ve built…

… the water passes down into a series of physical filters and is treated by plants such as reeds and rushes growing around your feet.

Who am I? Freakin’ Moses? I’m surrounded by bulrushes? Oy!

They say (at least one of them did… ;));

“These plants have been proven to be able to remove the chemicals from your shampoo. Using a natural filtering principle called phyto-purification, the bathroom becomes a mini-eco-system by recycling and regenerating the waste water. With this project, we tried to combine the pleasure of taking a shower with the satisfaction of recycling water. We wanted the recycling process to actually interact with the use of shower.”


Great! Now I need a freakin’ Machete to get into the shower!

Look, I don’t even like to mow the lawn. That’s what goats are for…

Now, I know all those guys  (with exotic and even impressive four syllable last names) worked hard on this, but for crying out loud… think of what they could have done with that energy if they’d applied it to something that actually made some sense.

I mean… there’s world peace and starving people and homeless gerbils, and … goldfish just waiting to be flushed to “fishy heaven”.

Wait! It’s just a thought, but… If you’re crazy enough to actually “want” this, aren’t you already using ORGANIC shampoos?

Ummm… You didn’t think of that, did you? Man, I have to do everything around here! I bet Organic Shampoos are WAY cheaper than this “bathroom beast”!

And you won’t even need a plumber… unless of course, (cover your eyes… wait for it… wait for it…) you like some crack with your grass… 😉

The price you ask?

I’m told that if you have to ask… you’d better see a cardiologist before they whisper it into your ear.

YES. I’m shaking my head.
YES. I’m rolling my eyes.

Look, anyone with two brain cells (except TED ;)) knows that Ronin likes recycling, big-time!

But this? This is for the person who “craves attention at Olympian levels” and has money to burn.

If you’re REALLY that concerned, why not just build an “outside shower”?

I mean, it worked for “the Skipper, Gilligan and MaryAnne”… 😉

Via [Trendsnow ] & [The Daily Mail– ] & [HDF -]

Happy Thanksgiving!

And be kind to Indians, huh? 😉