Calling the Corten Cavalry!

16 Dec

Hi Boys and Girls…

No ISBU post today. Instead, I offer this;

A good friend of this blog, Steve Spence (the guy who wrote the Solar Electricity Primer that many of you have expressed thanks for) has suffered a family  disaster.

His homestead burned to the ground recently. It just happened. We all know what that means.

His son and daughter and their child ( an adorable little girl) were living there at “Spence Central” while Steve was out teaching the world to break free of the grid.

They are essentially camping out at relatives houses now.

They have … like.. nothing. No household goods, no computer to link back into the world, no stuff for their little wonder of a daughter to play with while Mom and Dad try to sort out this mess.

Setting up any kind of “safety net” takes time. Paypal wants doc’s  to accept donations, etc…

Santa won’t wait for doc files, folks. HE’S far too busy.

So, here’s what I’m suggesting:

If you’d like to help out the Spence Family,  go to and order stuff for them and have it shipped “site to store” to the Potsdam NY store. There’s only one Walmart in Potsdam NY.

Then list Steven Spence as the contact (to pick it up) and have the email alert – telling them that it arrived sent to this email address:

They’ll get notified that stuff arrived and they can pick it up to help Santa deliver it.

I just sent the first salvo via Walmart personally. The idea of a little girl in NY not getting Christmas Presents just breaks my heart.

Ronin no like Scrooge. Scrooge make Ronin Maaaaad! ;(

If you want to help the Spences in their time of need, please do likewise.

They need everything. The little girl is 13 months old. But don’t forget Mom and Dad. They’re starting from scratch. Pots, pans, towels, Dishes, flatware, you name it. They’re literally starting over with the clothes on their backs.

And if you’ve recently replaced a computer with a newer one, I know a couple that could sure use one…

G_d Bless you all… Happy Holidays!


aka: Ronin