Jingle Bells – Jingle Bells, I’m lockin up yer butt…

23 Dec

As the holidays approach…

…thoughts run to trips home to hug  the relatives and sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and talking over old times”.

All you have to do its get there, first. Right?

Speaking of embraces and drinks…

Think you have nightmares about TSA and the guys behind them in the shadows… the DHS (Department of Homeland Security)?

My son is afraid that DHS and those groping rogues at TSA (the Airport Nazis) are gonna interfere with Santa.

While Santa might squeak thru… some other people aren’t gonna be so lucky.

Things are going from “stupid” to “worse.”

DHS actually has bids out to build mobile prisons and detention facilities out of ISBUs. And, it’s a rush job.

(And I ain’t talking about Rush Limbaugh, either!)

These detention boxes will be shuttled “to a place near you” by railroad cars – in case the times demand it

And who… pray tell, will they lock up there?

Looters? Terrorists? Militants? Tea baggers? Conservative Republicans? Hmmm…

This doesn’t smell right…

Somebody is prepping for Civil Disobedience…

In case you think I’m kidding, check this out;

Portable Prison Cells from ISBU Containers

I’ve been talking for years about how ISBUs help build strong, secure houses. That Corten Steel wrapper keeps all kinds of unwanted stuff out, like rain, wind, burglars…

Well, an Alabama based Company called Jails on Demand has picked up the ball and ran with it. They’ve taken ISBU Security and capitalized on it, by using them to construct detention cells that push the boundaries of prison construction (portable, no less). Just like we build our homes, they use several ISBUs all welded/bolted together to form “cell blocks.

Jails On Demand say that they offer a “fast, affordable safe solution to jail overcrowding”.

We know that ISBUs can be combined to built really strong steel modular structures,. How do we know this? Well… there are hundreds (possibly even thousands, depending on who is counting ;)) of ISBU structures scattered around the world, proving it, daily.

So, I suppose it was just a matter of time before somebody decided to get into the “prison game”.  Google “privatized prisons”. You’ll be amazed at just how much profit there is in it.

So, the guys and gals at Jails on Demand are simply following the guidelines established by the ACA (the American Correctional Association).

Think about how versatile ISBUs are. It’s an easy reach to figure out how to build multi-bed sleeping quarters, recreation, toilet shower blocks, and even galleys ( kitchens) out of them.

The Jails on Demand project is lead by Robert Isakson and Charlie McNichol – both ex FBI special agents and law enforcement officers.

For more information call Charlie McNichol toll free at 888-721-4DRC or visit http://www.jailsondemand.com.

Hey! They’d make a dandy place to put your “In-Laws” when they show up unexpectedly for that “weekend visit that lasts a %&$%#@!! month”…

Here’s the guy to yell at;

Charlie McNichol, General Manager
740 Museum Drive. Mobile, AL 36608
Tel 251-343-3581

Every parent needs one of these in the backyard or the basement! NOW, if your kid acts up, you can REALLY ground him/her…  😉


File this post under “Container Homes… for bad guys…”

Remember all persons are innocent and presumed not guilty until tried on a court of law…

Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do?

We’re locking up yer butt in an ISBU!

4 Responses to “Jingle Bells – Jingle Bells, I’m lockin up yer butt…”

  1. ted yrizarry December 23, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Merry Chanuka and happy Xmas…
    Nice series of posting Alex. Just wanted to wish you and yours the best and thank you for all the intel and chuckles. Looking forward to the new year, a new pile of articles and hopefully a new, bigger book (ahemahem) from you!
    I’m on my around the country in too few days/move all stuff to storage ISBUs world tour and have been fortunate to see much of the beautiful country we all love. Wish I could have had more time and maybe gotten to sneak to your neck of the woods to say howdy.

    And remember…the spelling is not G_d….its really ok to say God. Really.Even to a heathen like me! 😉

    • Renaissance Ronin December 23, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

      Thanks Ted,

      First, we’re glad that you’re safe and sound… okay.. perhaps not mentally, but for the most part. 😉

      May the New Year keep you strong and out of harm’s way. We all worry about you. 😉

      And Ted… about the way I say “G_d”;

      I know it may sound silly to you – to most it’s just a word. But to me, It is an example of faith, respect, and reverence the Jewish people have for G_d.

      WE are taught that when you write G_d’s Name on a piece of paper, that paper may become trash at some point. So, out of respect for G_d, His Name is written as G_d (or G-d) so that His Name does not get “abused, misused or tossed into the trash”.

      For Jews, words have power and no word has more power than G-d’s name. We strongly believe that HIS name is holy and it shouldn’t be taken in vain. It’s a matter of respect.

      Hope this helps.

      • ted yrizarry December 24, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

        Ha…waht do you know? I AM an ignoramious! Just like the game at Cracker Barrel says! Yeesh.
        Ok…Gotcha! Sorry for the ignorance and thanks for the lesson learned!So much I don’t know and prob should have learned by now not to Assu-me that folks are just being politically correct. Esp you! I had thought you decided to lesson the effect of potential offense on those that are religiously sensetive…Won’t happen again.
        Thanks for the well wishing and it is great to be home. Even with the taste of foot in mouth.
        I see you have been extra busy with more tech relevant posts so I need to get reading…Thanks for it all!

        • Renaissance Ronin December 24, 2010 at 9:52 pm #


          You didn’t need to spend $8.95 at Cracker Barrel (That Chicken Fried Steak and Egg platter may not be kosher, but is sure is “De-lish-oussss!”) to figure that out. I’ve been telling you that for months… for free. 🙂

          Me? Politically correct? Are you kidding? Have you read the blog? Really? 😉

          Glad you’re home safe. We worried about you. Don’t really know why… that boot in your mouth is anti-ballistic and it’ll at least protect your head. (Not that there is anything in it…) 😉

          Now put down those crayons… (and No… the melon colored ones don’t taste like real melons) and start catching up.

          Happy-happy, ho-ho-ho… and all that rot… 🙂

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