Progress on the Epic Software Studio ISBU Build!

3 Jan

Happy New Year!

Before TED chimed in…

I was all set to end 2010 by showing you a really cool little Youtube timelapse of the Epic Software Creative Co-Op Multimedia Studio (I’m consulting into it) that is being built just outside Houston Texas by Vic Cherubini… as I type this.

This time lapse will demonstrate to you just how FAST a building takes shape when using ISBUs.

Stay tuned as we explore the construction of this LANDMARK building (as well as several other ISBU builds – both residential and commercial –  from the sunny coasts of California all the way to “the Great White North”)… 🙂

I’m telling you… We have our fingerprints all over ISBU projects all over the place! 🙂

Cool, huh? Can you imagine the look on peoples faces as they realize that the empty lot they drove past on the way to work…  now has a building standing on it…  as they drive home… the SAME DAY? 🙂

I love building with ISBUs. It  blows people’s minds! 🙂

Credit goes to Vic over at Epic Software for the cool video!


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