So long Jack.

24 Jan

If you listen, you can hear the sucking sound of a thousand people all inhaling at the same time.

Hold it…

Now… exhale.

You’re wondering what I’m talking about, huh?

One of my personal idols passed away yesterday afternoon. He dedicated his entire life to trying to make us get up off our butts and get healthy.

I remember watching him swim the English Channel towing a boat with his teeth.

While many of us were watching football games…

One of this nation’s heroes was involved in a struggle of his own that makes most gridiron bouts look like simple traffic gridlock.

Pneumonia claimed a guy so tough that he could give Arnold, John Wayne, Sly Stallone and that Aikido idiot “Steven what’s-his-name” a serious run for their money.

He’s the action hero that never was.

And now, he’s up there in heaven, whipping those angels into even better “heavenly shape”.

Jack LaLanne was 96 years young.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll miss him. HE was tougher than Corten Steel and one of the few people that you could rely on to do the right thing.

Rest in Peace, buddy. You sure earned it.

And before you get all uppity: I have nothing against martial arts – especially Aikido, seeing as how I personally trained in dojos and studied Aikido  for decades. I DO have something against “loudmouthed martial arts bozos” from the “bonecrusher” school, who only seek to exploit it for personal gain… 😉

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  1. Lisa January 25, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    Jack was unique and far ahead of his time. The world needs more people like him.

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