Live HERE. Eat THIS. Drink the Kool-aid. :(

26 Jan

Here at RR we urge you to look at what’s happening around you.

Being aware means being active as things change around you…

Identify, React, Respond.

  1. Decades ago we built ISBU homes in the woods out of necessity.
  2. Years ago we built ISBU homes because they remained  affordable and cost effective.
  3. NOW, we build ISBU homes because in some cases, it’s the only way to insure that families have homes at all.

And “the powers that be” aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea.

The people building these homes aren’t walking around like lemmings, doing just like everyone else. They’re thinking for themselves and making decisions based on what’s best for their families, sometimes in spite of local authorities who have been bought and paid for in part or in entirety by corporations that don’t want to see their profits eroded by “clear thinkers and mavericks”…

We teach you how to build safe affordable housing out of steel boxes.

We teach you to re-use, recycle, and re-purpose materials to keep your costs down.

Then we teach you how to insure that you’ll have what you need, by providing it for yourself. Stuff like vegetables,. for instance.

Will they? No. Not only will they tell you what you “can’t” live in, they’ll even tell you what you “can’t” grow in your yard.

It’s about control. Those people that we elected to serve us, now want to control us.

Want proof?

Is this the future of “home grown” food?

Pay attention and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Some little zoning schmuck has gotten all full of themselves and decided to “Play Napoleon”.

This is an isolated incident, right?

Um… Google: MONSANTO.

IMHO: If you start ranking “evil companies bent on doing harm to people” Monsanto is the Darth Vader of Food “Producers”.

And they’ve already bought and paid for Obama and most of Congress.

Google: “The Food Safety Bill”

You’ll find out that there are people out there who want to make it illegal for you to grow a large garden. And they’ll use the Department of Homeland Security to enforce it.

Cooler heads must prevail before we not only have no place to live, we’ll also have nothing to eat…

Unless we “Step and fetch for the Man” like good little lemmings…


One Response to “Live HERE. Eat THIS. Drink the Kool-aid. :(”

  1. Karen January 26, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Watched the video and what I don’t get is the guy has been growing his vege’s for 15 years…so why should he get in trouble for something he was allowed to do all those years…if it was a zoning issue then they should have just said file to get re-zoned and happy growing. He got the re-zoning so there is just something “off” about them still going after him.

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