We have nothing to fear… but fear itself.

7 Feb

Lately, I’ve been accused of being a “rabble-rouser.”

In fact, it’s gone beyond that. I’m actually getting email “demanding” to know what my “real agenda” is. Seriously.

As many of you know, I write TWO blogs, one most notably this discourse on building affordable housing using recycled, repurposed and reclaimed materials.

It’s intent is probably (hopefully) pretty clear.

I believe that EVERY family deserves a roof. Period.

The second blog is about “family survival”. It’s the “rest of the story”.

Once you have a strong roof to shield you from the elements, you need to fill in the blanks and “get the rest”. I’m not talking about stockpiling AK47s or surrounding yourself with cases of beer and ammo in your basements.

I’m talking about preparing yourself for inflation, unemployment, political gyrations and even Mother Nature.

Here, as on my other blog, I basically “say what I feel”.

Most people understand my refusal to “let another control my life”.

I see that “control” as a poison. As one of my favorite authors (Jim Butcher) put it (I’m paraphrasing from memory, albeit senile);

“It’s a repugnant notion to think of someone dictating my every move or imposing on me a code of behavior that I cannot accept, refusing me and mine to choose, pursue or even express our own hearts desires.”

Many of you identify with this. I have the email to prove it. Many more live under the yoke of oppression as their lives are manipulated to achieve someone elses own ends.

We don’t seem to be aimed at “progress” any longer. It’s all about “profits”. And, I’m not talking about YOURS.

Is it just me, or is the middle class becoming extinct?

Look, I’m not preaching “rebellion” or “revolution”.

It doesn’t take much power (or even common sense) to hurt someone. It takes far more energy to undo the damage that is caused. It’s always like that.  It’s “lose-lose”.

I’m not asking you to take up arms against your neighbors… or heaven forbid, the authorities.

I’m suggesting that by taking responsibility for more of your life, you will establish a broader comfort area for your family, as things happen, both good and bad.

If I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I’m “preaching” about “common sense”.

I simply wish to live life on my own terms, in accordance with my own values.

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Reliance, and

  • Self Responsibility.

I wish to simply be “accountable”.

I want that for YOUR family, too.

In America, as advanced as we think we are, we still have that age old, undeniable, even primal “dread of the darkness”.

We immerse ourselves in “Reality TV”, media hype and “sensationalism” to mask any impact by “the real world”, as we wonder how we missed the signs of what is really going on around us.

We watch riots on TV of “other places far-flung” and think that it can never happen to us.

We like to think that as a nation we’re all grown up, that we are no longer afraid of the dark.

But if that’s really true, why to we work so hard to keep all the lights blaring to the point where we can no longer see the stars?

We cloak ourselves in “mindless mantles” to protect ourselves from fear.

Fear is a funny thing. In the right measure, even tiny or insignificant fear can grow, swelling up to take on monstrous proportions. Fear unchecked, feeds on itself, doubling and redoubling until chaos reigns.

This blog is just a single point of light shining into that darkness. It’s a speck of light. Nothing more.

We cannot live lives based on fear and uncertainty.

Neither of those ingredients can be combined to feed our families or protect them against the elements, be they Mother Nature or man-made.

What we can do is to make our own light, simply by tuning into our “needs” and then striving to provide them in a manner that makes the process “uncompromisable”. It’s the “light of revelation”. As in, it’ll let you see “what’s what”…  and how it will affect you.

In my view – “The Cavalry isn’t coming.”

Those “Boys and Girls on the Beltway” aren’t really listening. (At least it seems that way, to me.) So…

In other words:


As we do this, be it building shelter or growing a garden, we’ll find the “lights you turn on” cannot then be turned off by “someone else”.

We’ll become: (say it with me)

  • Self Aware,

  • Self Responsible, and

  • Self Reliant.

And our families will be that much better for it, no matter WHAT is happening outside our front porches.

And now… back to our regularly scheduled program.

And my thanks to Jim, for recently reminding me of this.


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  1. James B February 8, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Hey Ronin I have only just begun reading your blog and started from the beginning, and so far after reading what you have gone through I would have to agree with you NEVER rely on the gov’t to help you. You have to be the one to make things happen. Even if it means making a lot of noise so you get noticed.

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