“Peek-A-Boo ISBU” – Part Two!

12 Feb

Peek-a-boo ISBU!

One of the biggest problems facing families that wish to build with ISBUs is “hiding their humble origins” from the neighbors.

When people see ISBUs “stacked and packed”… they think “Max Max“.  And then, there’s that cacophony of wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanies their  “myth-driven” fears of plummeting property values.

But what if you could turn that ISBU Home into a giant billboard of “Green Goodness”?

For those of you who insist on insulating INSIDE your Corten Castles

Forget cladding and all that “Corten Cover-up” on the boxes themselves…

Pull a “Corten Criss Angel”!

He’s a “Vegas Magician”. Pay attention huh? I’m typing as slow as I can! 😉

While the following images are NOT ISBU based, they very well could be.

From Vegi-tecture:

New Street Square (London)

A very Blanc-esque Green Wall in London…

You could do this with something as simple as chain link fencing and some recycled rain gutter material as a “base”.

I’m just sayin’…

My thanks to Tony Adrian, who helped out… without even knowing it! 🙂