Calling ALL “Corten Cavalry” Members: Japan NEEDS Us. NOW.

12 Mar

Mother Nature is REALLY mad at us…

It’s like she’s lost her mind…

The earthquake in Japan is a devastation, to be sure.

We’ve just begun getting a good handle on how we’re helping Christchurch, NZ and now this…

This morning, amidst the ruin of shattered and fire-ravaged cities… Japanese nuclear powerplants started going into self-destruct mode, a result of damage from the March 11th earthquakes and their aftershocks.

I’m hearing that people fear the cores will start going into “meltdown.”

Luckily, what I’m hearing from friends in Japan is that so far is that the radioactive cores are still intact. Thank the heaven’s…

However, that situation may change. Let us hope and pray that it doesn’t.

Debris swept by a tsunami near Sendai Airport in Japan after a massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan this morning.

Thousands of families are at risk following the massive earthquake and aftershocks, the resulting tsunami that continues to wash ashore causing massive destruction, and now the forced evacuations due to the dangerous conditions at the nuclear power plants damaged by the quakes.

Here at RR we are continuing to closely monitor the situations closely as the potential for additional damage exists. I talked to a friend in Los Angeles this morning and he’s telling me that the surf is “monster” on their beaches. I can only assume that this is a direct result of the tsunami, which will be felt in many countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, including the West Coast of the United States.

Please help as you can.

My biggest concern right now is for kids. Children are always the must vulnerable to these disasters. They really, truly need our help and support.

There are many agencies preparing aid and materials for the Japanese. As we identify them, we’ll let you know how you can contact them DIRECTLY to lend your assistance.

Time has never been as crucial for children in Japan and around the Pacific as it is at this very moment.

Please, again… help as you can.


My apologies in advance for the lack of image credits. I have literally hundreds of them coming across my desk and I’ve somehow misplaced the notes. If you took it, tell me and I’ll give you the credit. Thanks!