Earth Weekers Invade Michigan! Oh my! ;)

7 Apr

Hi Folks;

A buddy of mine, that “Little House Savant” Laren Corie…

… reminds me that he’s involved in the “Lalapalooza-esque” Earth Week Plus festivities up in the tundra that some of you call Michigan! 🙂

Forget that “just a week” nonsense…

If you know Laren like I do, you already know that he’s packed the festivities so full, they had to use the entire month of April!

We’re talking a “Green-Fest filled Gala” of GREEN celebrations and events that will focus on like as we like it… Green and Sustainable!

You’ve heard me talk about this guy before. He’s sharper than a box fulla broken mirrors!

Laren is one of those guys who throws everything he has into virtually anything he participates in, so this event will really be dripping with learning and goodness!

Here’s just a really short list of the “Earth Week Plus Coolness“:

  1. Basics of Beekeeping
  2. Growing Healthy Food
  3. How to Workshops – like How To Make Maple Syrup!
  4. Planning a Zero Energy Home
  5. Tour a Solar Open House
  6. Open panel discussions on LIVING in a Solar Home with solar home owners
  7. Earth Day Clean-Up Events all over Northern Michigan!

And… there’s a  LOT more!


If you’re close enough to reach this event, DO NOT MISS IT!

The Event was recently featured on The Greenest Dollar and Heather is just as enthusiastic as I am about this gathering of “greenies!”

So, load up that ride and start making tracks for it! You won’t be disappointed!

Laren says:

This is primarily for those of you who are in Michigan.

This year, in the “Tip Of the Mitt” region of northern Michigan, we are further expanding our series of presentations around the celebration of Earth Day.

Last year we had about two weeks of events. This years they last over a month, and will actually continue, hopefully, year round. Another change, this year, is that we are going to have a much larger central event, which we call our Earth Week Plus Expo, which is like holding about twenty of our regular events, in one place, on one day.

And, it is all free.

It will be worth a nice Spring drive. Here is our website.

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  1. Laura May 10, 2011 at 5:40 pm #


    I know this is later than the incident. I am hoping your wife has healed and is now healthy.

    I read “Beware of Greeks” and noticed a lot of “I should have known betters” in there. As a psychologist please let me tell you that you could not have known better. There are some people who have personality disorders and many of them are rather charismatic. They suck anyone in, even me and I have been trained. Not all psychopaths are in jail, most of them are in Congress or running corporations that create waste and pollution. We have all made the mistake of getting pulled into a delusion by a “wonderful” person.

    Hope you and your family are doing well.


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