This Just In: Update On Earth Week Plus!

10 Apr

I’ve been telling you guys up in the tundra about a special series of Earth Week events on “The Tip Of The Mitt” in Michigan.

Well, Laren just sent me an update and I thought I’d share it with you.

(Note: The content is Laren’s and the reformatting is MINE. I am responsible for any errors. It’s cool, I have big shoulders… Oh yeah… anything in italics is mine, too.) 😉

Laren says:

Greetings, Earth Loving Neighbors;

Well folks, Earth Week Plus is now fully underway.

We have already held our first events. Last week we showed an excellent movie about what can happen as Earth temperatures rise. It was followed by a discussion.

We also had an informative discussion, Wednesday, at the Cheboygan Public Library, about alternative energy and home energy usage, as part of the Java Chat series, put on by the Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace and Justice. We had several Solar home owners present.

Three of us will be part of the Solar homeowner panel, at the Earth Week Plus Expo on the 16th, next weekend.    On Thursday we showed the movie Gasland, followed by a very informative presentations, by Grenetta Thomassey from  “Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council“, and also Joann Cromley, from the group “Don’t Frack Michigan“.  Friday was a big night at the Headland Park, at Mackinaw City, for owl banding, and stargazing.

(Um, what the hell is a “Frack”?)

That was a Straits Area Audubon Society event.

Over the weekend there was an excellent opportunity to learn about harvesting maple sap, and boiling it down into syrup. Due to predictions of rain on Sunday (it has been a nice day), this event was expanded to include both Saturday and Sunday, at the Silent Sport Lodge, south of Wolverine.  That is what you may have already missed, but there is a lot more to come.

On Tuesday Night, if you are in the Upper Peninsula, there will be a showing of “Caribou Summer“, by biologists Kathy and Jim Bricker, in Sault Ste Marie.

See our website at:

…for more details, and info on a May showing, in Cheboygan.

On Wednesday night, the Straits Area Audubon Society is presenting a spectacular event, for the whole family. Be sure to not miss this one, and definitely bring the kids to see their “Snakes Alive” presentation, at the Cheboygan Public Library, That is April 13th.  Starting time will be 6:30 PM.

It is free.

Thursday 4/14 brings another great environmental movie and discussion, in Earth Week Plus’ movie series,  at Cheboygan’s Public Library. This week’s feature will be a great movie called “WaterLife” about a walk around the Great Lakes, to see how we are treating our amazing waters.  As we do with our movie series, there will be an extended discussion afterwards.

Rest up on Friday night, because our big Earth Week Plus Expo is happening on Saturday afternoon, from 12:30 to 5:30.  There is too much scheduled at the Expo to talk about right now, but there will be sixteen separate programs, live music, live raptors, and lots of fun for the whole family.

(Raptors? Where did they get dinosaurs? It’s those dang Jurassic Park knuckleheads again, I tell you…) 😉

So, pack up the kids and head on over to Cheboygan.

(Take mine, too, huh? I could use a couple of hours off…)

The Expo will be held at the middle school. From Petoskey it is just twelve miles further than drives to places like Blissfest and Cross Village. From Gaylord, it is just a fast run up I75. And, as with all of our Earth Week Plus events, the Earth Week Plus Expo is free to everyone.

Though, we ask that if you can afford it, please consider bringing a nonperishable food donation, for our less fortunate neighbors.

Don’t miss it, and tell all your friends, which brings me to the next subject, which is that we still need a little of your help, in getting the word out, to even more people.

Earth Week Plus is a grass roots project, of the people, for the people, and by the people. So, we need the help of more people, in order for many more of us to learn that it is happening.

You might just tell people who are interested in nature, and sustainable living.

Or, forward this email to them.

Or, spread the word through FaceBook or Twitter.

And, please, help us post fliers.

I think a flyer can be downloaded in PDF format from Laren sent me the PDF (because he’s smart that way…) but for some reason, I can’t get it to post properly. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

Put them up on any community message boards, that you know of. Print out just a few, and put them in your car, on the dashboard.  Then, when you see a place to post one, you will have it, right there with you.

Earth Week Plus is for all of us.

But, those who don’t hear about it, will not be able to take advantage of this series of great free, green events.  So, help us get the word to them.

I look forward to seeing you there.  Please stop and say hello.  I want to meet you.

May your days be sunny,
-Laren Corie-
-Earth Week Plus-


3 Responses to “This Just In: Update On Earth Week Plus!”

  1. Jack Kamerling April 10, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    I am a container enthusiast, but Northern Michigan? How much extra to truck a 40′ ft unit from the nearest seller (Detroit/Chicago) or is there a possibility of a rail drop in Northern Michigan? Especially for a multiple container house, the costs could escalate significantly. I have been wrestling with this issue in Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho.

    Any Suggestions/ Comments?

    • Renaissance Ronin April 10, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

      Um… Jack.

      It’s an Earth Week festival, not a build site. 😉

      But, I’ve gotten containers to stranger places. All you need are a few friends at a fleet trucking op and you can get a container almost anywhere. You just let them load it full of somebody else’s gear before it leaves and then they drop it somewhere near where you need it to be. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but it CAN be done.

      I’ve gotten containers to both E. Wash (near Spokane) and N. Idaho (St Joe Nat Forest). And some other places like Teton (on the other side) are still near and dear to my ISBU Calcified little Corten heart.

      • Jack Kamerling May 13, 2011 at 8:11 pm #


        I am at that point where I need additional information. I was in the freight business for 6 years, but have no friends in the fleet trucking ops. For the record, people in the freight business have few friends in general. They are too busy working…. or looking for another job… or now looking to move into a shipping container to save money.

        Looking to weld, bolt, (5 ) 48 high cube units on a 3-4 ft raised foundation on a semi remote 5+ acre parcel within 50 miles of Spokane. Looked on the internet, and the local sources in Spokane, and there does not seem to be much over 40 ft in Spokane, and I was quoted $4400 per each 40 ft plus shipping from Mobile Mini in Spokane. There does seem to be a number of 48 ft units all over the country on the internet, but none in Spokane.

        Would expect to use an engineer to placate the county, and sign off on an interior truss system, that could span at least 25 ft. and support a 20 ft unit on top for a Central Heating/Air unit and perhaps another engineer for a thin shell roof design. There is a guy in Idaho, that is heavy into the ferro-cement thin shell structures.

        Looking to do a curved truss system for the roof, from with to create an and armature and spray with mortar creating a thin shell ferro cement dome with overhang.. Anyway ferro-cement is the cheapest, but it can be labor intensive…… Perhaps tar paper and a hot mop under cement until the dream design is finished. You can advise on the cheapest flat roof allowing for the eventual ferro-cement dome roof..
        Was thinking about putting a 20 ft unit on top of the 5 units from which to run the truss system, and pilasters from the stem wall to anchor the roof. Can do a basic sketchup model for review.

        I would expect to pay for your service. Please send what info necessary, if available. I would do much of the work myself, cement forms, insulation, electrical, and I have some limited experience, but it is some what out of date.

        Thank You
        Jack Kamerling

        [Editted for content] 😉

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